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The Gavel's Tips for Making the Most of ArtsFest 2018

The time has come to experience the smorgasbord of culture that is ArtsFest. It is no secret that Boston College is home to many talented, creative, and driven people. So if you’ve been putting off going to that orchestra concert, that Contemporary Theatre play, or that film showcase, from April 26 to 28, you will be unable to avoid the BC art scene. You may as well come prepared. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Make a list

Everyone is different, and everyone is into different things. With three days of nonstop art, your best bet is to look at the schedule of events, and make a list of your own must-sees.

2. Feed your inner audiophile

If you’ve been meaning to check out the BC music scene, check out events like the Symphony Orchestra playing under John Finney, and BC bOp! playing instrumental and vocal jazz. You will be pleasantly surprised by how musically adept BC students are.

3. Go see Peter and the Starcatcher

As is tradition for ArtsFest, the final BC Theatre show lands on the weekend of the festival. This year, the play is Peter and the Starcatcher, a sort-of prequel to Peter Pan. The show is full of adventure, flying, and good music, so definitely go check it out, especially if you have a younger sibling. Speaking of which:

4. Bring your siblings, or other creatively inclined children, on Saturday

On Saturday, Stokes, Gasson and O’Neill will host activities geared towards the younger generation. A performance of The Little Mermaid put on by Professor Luke Jorgensen’s Theatre for Youth class, arts and crafts, and a Disney-themed concert put on by the Chamber Music Society are just a few of these whimsical events. Nothing nurtures youth like exposing them to creative endeavors, and it's always a joy to see children reveling in art.

5. Nurture your brain

It may seem like poor timing; you’re in the middle of the pre-finals home stretch, your nerves are racked with school-related anxiety, and you may feel that the last thing you need is to spend your weekend doing something that seems so frivolous. Well, science would have something to say about that. Art of any kind is known to significantly increase brain activity. It also boosts your creativity, your attention span, and most importantly, your mood. So if you’re feeling frustrated about finals, go see an exhibit, listen to your peers perform music, or watch them act onstage. It’ll help you in more ways than you think.

6. Support your fellow eagles

At the end of the day, ArtsFest is a celebration of a year’s worth of art created by students for students. For many, they are showcasing their proudest creations, or the highlights of their year. If nothing else motivates you to go, think about the hours of work that have been condensed into four days of art, and marvel at that. BC students are incredibly creative and talented, and many will go on to create amazing, impactful things. So let’s support each other, and have each other’s backs. Art is meant to be shared, so let’s share.

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