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Movies of Summer 2018: A Preview

While summer always brings about the enjoyment of the great outdoors, I suspect there will be some time spent inside, considering the surplus of amazing movies coming out this summer. Here is just a sneak peek of what has been receiving a lot of buzz online. For more choices, make sure to check out Esquire's list of 15 best summer 2018 movies here.

Ocean’s 8 (June 8)

Sandra Bullock. Anne Hathaway. Rihanna. Helena Bonham Carter. Sarah Paulson. Rihanna. Cate Blanchett. Mindy Kaling. Awkwafina. And RIHANNA. Sorry, I’m a bit of a Rihanna fan. These leading ladies will be staring in the new spin-off of the Ocean’s film series with the ensemble cast of George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Brad Pitt. Bullock plays Debbie Ocean, the estranged sister of Danny Ocean, portrayed by George Clooney in the trilogy. As seen in the trailer, Bullock’s character handpicks seven women with specialized skills to carry out a robbery at the Met Gala in New York City. If you think I’m going to support a movie with eight women working together to commit a crime...well you are absolutely right.

Incredibles 2 (June 15)

I’m guessing the excitement surrounding this movie isn’t about the plot so much as the fact that we have waited 14 long years for this sequel to the original film. One of the taglines says it all: “It’s been too long, dahlings.” There have been so many awesome superhero movies released since 2004, including Avengers: Infinity War which has been blowing up the box offices since its release in April. However, nothing can beat the OG superhero family that we all grew up with. Marvel who? We must show respect to the film that brought us Frozone voiced by the one and only Samuel L. Jackson. What a gift.

Sorry to Bother You (July 6)

Lakeith Stanfield, who played Andre Hayworth in Get Out, will star in this science fiction comedy directed by and written by rapper Boots Riley. The film follows Cassius Green, a struggling African-American telemarketer, who finally learns the secret to making money at his job: sounding “white” on the phone. The film incorporates some “magical realism” by taking place in an alternate present-day version of Oakland. I’m sure there will be important connections for this frightening alternate universe that we find ourselves living in today. 

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (July 20)

Another movie we’ve been waiting a decade for...well, maybe not all of us. But, I definitely am excited about it and I’m happy that the marketing team decided to go with the most fitting and cliché name possible for the sequel (I mean, a non-cliché name would be a crime; have you seen the movie?). The film will pick up 10 years later with a pregnant Sophie running her mother’s villa. English actress Lily James will appear as Young Donna in flashbacks. And Cher, yes Cher, will play Sophie’s fiery grandmother. Many fans wonder whether Donna, played by the iconic Meryl Streep, has passed away, hinted by the trailer’s references to her in the past tense. I guess we will just have to watch and see if the dancing queen makes an appearance.

The First Purge (July 4)

Ironically, The First Purge is the fourth of its kind; it will mark the fourth installment of The Purge franchise. However, it will chronicle the first purge of the franchise’s universe. For those who don’t know, the 2013 horror film The Purge forced viewers into an alternate society in which a tradition called “The Purge” occurs each year. For 12 hours, all crime is legal, including murder. This prequel features a mostly African-American cast, which connects to the “politics” of the film. As The New York Times notes, “the trailer hints at a government conspiracy in which soldiers are sent into poor, African-American neighborhoods posing as nonmilitary citizens to wreak havoc.” Many critics have heavily discussed the movie’s seemingly politically-charged messages, particularly an early poster with “THE FIRST PURGE” written on an eerily familiar bright red hat...

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