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The Gavel's Declassified Guide to BC Sports

Being a SuperFan has almost nothing to do with wearing those bright yellow shirts.

Although they live on in ad campaigns and are plastered on the side of the football team’s bus, the days of a student section completely packed with kids in bright gold SuperFan t-shirts are long gone.

Now, heading to a BC game seems much more complicated than tossing on a polyester shirt and trying to edge your way down to the front row. There’s an entire process to being a Boston College sports fan.

There's the roller coaster ride of football season—will they beat Louisville or drop a 3-0 game to Wake Forest? And when hockey season comes around, even the second-ranked women’s team in the country can fall to UConn in the first round. And who knows what basketball will look like now that Jerome Robinson is a Clipper?

So, without further ado: The Gavel’s declassified guide to sports at Boston College (not to be confused with the painful, forced, school-spirit-ridden Welcome Week experience that is Superfan 101).

First off, sports at BC aren’t for everyone. While home football games tend to take over campus for the entire day, it’s easy to avoid the other sports (basketball, hockey, baseball, etc.) if you aren’t actively seeking them out. If sporting events aren’t normally your thing, skip the $200 Gold Pass and just buy tickets to a select few home football games. You can tailgate with your friends, sneak some free food, and get a chance to wear all your maroon and gold at once. Chances are, you’ll probably end up staying for a maximum of two quarters.

For the moderate to more intense Eagles fan, the Gold Pass is a must-buy. In the long run, you’ll save a lot of cash on tickets by paying for the all-access pass at the beginning of the year. It pays for itself even if you only make it to the home football games and one or two hockey games, which is nothing for real Superfans.

With your Gold Pass ID in hand, you should plan on getting to football games anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes before kickoff if you want a good spot in the student section. Between the long lines to get into Alumni Stadium, your friend who always needs to stop at the bathroom, and finding the perfect vantage point, it’s a good rule of thumb to give yourself a little more time than you think. If you’re coming from Newton, you’re going to need to budget some additional time to make sure you catch the shuttle to main campus. If you’re coming from a tailgate on Lower, ten minutes is more than enough time.

Don’t be surprised when no one around you is wearing their Superfan shirts—more people wear them for sleeping than for football games. Instead, opt for your favorite BC tee, a good pair of sunglasses, and, if you're feeling festive, some beads. Trust us, you'll fit right in.

When the Eagles add some points to the board—something that’s thankfully becoming more common with each passing season—be ready to catch onto the repertoire of student section cheers, which the marching band routinely cues in. Check out the official Boston College list of cheers, but don’t be surprised if some nastier chants are initiated. For instance, what BC’s website doesn’t tell you is that after the post-goal hockey “Sieve” chant, the student section chants the opposing goalie’s last name three times and then gives them this scolding:

“You suck! At life! And goaltending! It’s all your fault! It’s all your fault! It’s all your fault! It’s all your fault!”

While we’re on the subject of hockey, any BC upperclassman will tell you to embrace it. As the one sport that Boston College can lay a true claim to, with multiple national and conference titles under our belt, hockey (both men’s and women’s) is the funnest sport at Boston College for spectators.

Come wintertime, grab a BC sweatshirt and beanie and head to the rafters of Conte Forum to watch some of the best collegiate hockey in the nation. If anything, at least be sure to make it to the BU home game, the Hockey East equivalent of the Sox/Yankees series.

And if you rack up enough Gold Pass points by checking in on the app at games, you’ll earn the chance to pre-purchase reduced priced tickets to the men’s Beanpot, the two-week long hockey tournament between BC, BU, Northeastern, and Harvard held annually at TD Garden.

Real BC hockey fans, however, know that the real action is at the women’s games. The Boston College women’s hockey team, consistently ranked amongst the top 5 in the nation, have won the women’s Beanpot for the last three years. The games are sorely under-attended, but grab some friends and sit right against the boards for the best view of this female-centric powerhouse.

Alternatively, if you’re most excited for basketball games, head over to Conte early to make sure you get a seat in the on-court student section, and get ready to stand and shout all game. Come out and cheer against ACC opponents like Duke (hoping for a repeat of last year’s upset) and FSU, but maybe skip games against non-competitor teams like Sacred Heart to actually study (for once).

As for the other 27 varsity sports BC competes in, you won’t find much of a crowd; regardless, don’t let that stop you from showing up to cheer on your fellow Eagles. There’s nothing like a BC baseball game on a sunny spring afternoon, especially on the newly renovated Brighton field. And if you’ve got a free night, it’s worth a Newton bus ride to catch the national runner-up women’s lacrosse team play, with double-sport dynamo Kenzie Kent back on the roster in 2019.

And of course, the final step to becoming the best, most well-rounded BC sports fan out there is to follow @BCGavelSports on Twitter for the latest updates on Boston College athletics.

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