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So You Want (Need) a Job at Boston College

The dog days of the school year don’t last long. For freshmen, Welcome Week’s daze of confusion, horror, and excitement does a poor job of previewing the grind of daily life that’s scheduled to set in around mid-September.

Even among seasoned upperclassmen, the first weeks back on the Heights are deceiving. A syllabus here and there, slapping down a couple hundred bucks for textbooks you may or may not ever open, and figuring out which set of lights you should buy for your new common room—nothing serious.

But by roughly the same time you get back that first exam grade (maybe it’s time to start actually doing the readings?), a horrifying realization will have set in. At the rate you’re going, you’ll be broke before Halloween. Don’t resign yourself to ramen noodles—go to work.

No matter how much free time you have in your schedule, you’ve got room for a few hours of work a week to make ends meet. Here’s some of the easiest, most popular ways to get that bread while at Boston College. Note that this is far from a complete list, and that most of these jobs are compatible with work-study. Check here for a complete list of on- and off-campus job listings, updated regularly.

Alumni Giving Telemarketer

By graduation, it seems like everyone has either worked at the call center, or could name at least name four people who have. The turnover is fast—most telemarketers don’t last for more than a semester—but night and Sunday hours make it easy to fit the call center into a busy schedule. For the most part, you listen to a dial tone for three hours with the occasional conversation, leaving lots of downtime to do homework. You’ll also learn the valuable lesson of getting told “no” hundreds of times over, and maybe you'll even gain some marketing or communications chops. Pay starts at $11.50/hour, making it one of the highest-paying on- campus jobs.

Get it: Fill out this form. For questions, email Jake Farias at

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BC Dining

BC Dining is one of the largest employers on campus. Turnover is fast here too, so they’re usually hiring at at least one location, but applying early in the semester gives you the chance to pick the dining hall closest to you. You can choose anywhere from Stuart to Mac, breakfast at Addie’s (completely student-run!) to late night at...also Addie's. More ambitious baristas can apply for Hillside or The Chocolate Bar. If you can’t commit to a consistent schedule, Heights Catering hires students to help out at special events throughout the year (added bonus—you could meet the mythical Father Leahy). At most halls, pay starts at $11.25 plus free food, with late night employees earning more.

Get it: Email the manager of the hall(s) you would like to apply to. Find them here.

Newton Babysitting

If you’re looking for more occasional gigs, babysitting is often the best option. Newton Babysitting is a Facebook group with thousands of members—moms, dads, and other sitters—where BC students have found work for years. Some parents are looking for a nanny with a consistent schedule, while others post last-minute for date night jobs. Babysitting allows you to make your own schedule and pick up work only when you need that extra cash. Most Newton parents will pay no less than $15/hour, and often up to $20 or more for multiple kids. Don’t worry if you don’t have a car—many parents will pay for your ride if they don’t live within walking distance.

Get it: Join the Facebook group here.


Mailroom jobs are harder than most to come by, but they're golden if you can snag one. Students man the mailrooms in Stuart, Mac, Walsh, and Voute, fetching and sorting packages but mainly enjoying a lot of downtime. Often, students who work in the mailroom only work four to eight hours a week, and mailroom hours mean shifts are in the daytime, good for people with big gaps in their day who don’t want to work nights or Sundays.

Get it: Ask at any mailroom once you’ve moved in, and keep checking job listings here.

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BC claims to be home to eight (eight!) libraries, although I haven’t found them all yet. But those libraries need workers, and you need money. Students can apply to work the front desk or the technology help center in O’Neill, or you can apply as front desk in Bapst, the law library, or the Educational Resource Center. These positions involve lots of downtime, and you can always find a seat in the library. Hours vary from early morning to midnight closing, and pay starts at $11.25. Those with loud voices need not apply.

Get it: Email the library manager of the location you’d like to work at, or visit the library office on the fourth floor of O’Neill to ask about any openings.

Media Technology Services

Media-savvy students may want to apply to work at MTS, located in the basement of Campion Hall. Budding photographers and graphic designers can flex their skills taking free LinkedIn headshots for CSOM freshmen and creating promotional material for the university.

Down the hall from the photo studio, students can work equipment desks checking microphones, camcorders, and cables of all kinds. If a desk isn’t your thing, you can work as a roving classroom assistant, setting up rooms to hold and record events, troubleshooting classroom technology, and more. Pay starts at $11.25.

Get it: Go to Campion G36 for an application.

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Campus Recreation (Plex/Hut)

You don’t have to be a fitness guru to work at the Plex, but maybe a job there will motivate you to get in the weight room once in a while. Both the Plex on Lower campus and the Hut on Newton hire students to swipe at the front desk, check out equipment, and keep it clean.

At the Plex, you can also work as an intramural referee, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, or lifeguard, although those positions require a little more than a W-4 to qualify. If you’re looking for work at the beginning of the semester, remember that neither the Plex nor the Hut are air conditioned. Pay starts at $11.25 for desk employees and $16/hour for instructors.

Get it: Check out these listings.

Department openings

Often, department offices will hire students to work as glorified secretaries. Students man the front desk for many departments, and do small administrative tasks for professors. If you can snag a position in the department where you intend to major or minor, it’s a great way to get to know the faculty—maybe you’ll have a better chance of getting into a class or getting a recommendation letter. Departments like chemistry and biology also hire lab assistants to check out lab equipment. Pay begins at $11.25, more for lab assistants.

Get it: Some of these jobs are listed here, but the best way to put your name in is to head directly to the department yourself.

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BC Athletics

The most avid sports fans can get a look behind the scenes working for BC Athletics. The department hires administrative assistants, tutors, note-takers, videographers, and game-day operations personnel to keep BC’s biggest money-maker running smoothly. You may get to work in Yawkey, where you could brush shoulders with Jerry York or Ky Bowman, or get to know the bowels of Alumni Stadium running ops on gamedays. It’s a great starting place for those who want to go into sports management or a related field, as long as you don’t step out of line and make ‘Daz mad. Pay varies by position but starts at $11.25.

Get it: Check the listings here for administration and operations jobs. Also, keep an eye out for emails about note-taking once the semester gets started.

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