Photo courtesy of Annie Spratt / Unsplash

Daily Rituals: Wakey Wakey Coffee Makey

Daily Rituals is a series celebrating the various little everyday routines that both comprise and sustain the human condition. Here, our writers share their own everyday habits and best-kept secrets.

Apparently, in military school, making your bed first thing in the morning is considered paramount. Not for the sake of the aesthetic, but because doing something productive at the beginning of the day gets you started on the right foot. Now I don’t always get to make my bed at home. I’m no slob, I’m just human; sometimes I’m late for work, sometimes I forget, and sometimes I’m just too dang lazy. But there’s one thing in the morning I’ll never shirk: the making of my coffee.

The simple truth is that I don’t trust anyone enough with this task. After too many encounters with baristas who have difficulty spelling (Neeko, really?), and too many over-diluted drinks, I decided to take matters into my own hands. And out of the dissatisfaction was born a ritual.

I drink one coffee a day. It usually doubles as my breakfast. I make it in a Moka pot. If I feel like having it strong that day (aka it’s finals), I’ll drink it straight. If I need it colder stat, I’ll add some milk. If I want it less strong, I just add a little bit of water. And that’s it. It might not seem particularly noble, but the process itself wakes me up.

First, I take my Moka pot (@Bialetti, I am accepting sponsorships). I then take my pre-ground espresso beans and spoon about two ounces into the pot's filter. Then I add water to the bottom section and begin to heat it up. After about 5 minutes on the stove, I’m greeted with a powerful, dark, steaming elixir. I put about three ounces of it in an appropriately sized ceramic cup, and I begin to sip.

And that’s it. Before I’ve done anything in the day, I’ve already created something from (mostly) scratch. It’s a satisfying little feeling, one that carries me through the bleakest and most fatigued of mornings. The caffeine doesn’t hurt either.

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