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BC GET Introduces New Options

BC GET, the Boston College food delivery service, has introduced new features for the 2018-2019 academic year.

BC GET is a student-launched and -operated service which offers food and coffee deliveries to on-campus locations.

“We deliver anywhere on campus and your classmates are the ones who do the delivery. If you’re in the library, a classroom, or in your dorm, our student GETers can find and deliver you whatever food you want,” said co-founder and CEO John Bruggeman, MCAS ’19.

The $5 delivery fee can be paid using optional dining dollars or credit card.

BC GET delivers from Hillside and the CoRo Café, offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

“We start early in the morning and end late at night, so any time is a good time to order BC GET Delivery,” said Bruggeman.

In addition to these features, BC GET recently introduced online ordering and pickup from Addie’s, with plans to offer Addie’s delivery in the near future.

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