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What to Watch: Pre-Halloween Horror

This special edition of What to Watch (and the first edition) is dedicated to the horror flick fanatics. I’m sure you all need something to turn your attention to since the true horror fiasco of Late Night is finally over. Yes, I know we are still a month from Halloween. So, this list is like a prep for all of the movies you will be watching in October. Also, this may be your last chance to watch TV or go to the movies before midterm season begins (oh, alas the true horror). So, make sure you get ready for Halloween with these new shows and movies.

The Nun

The Nun is the fifth installment of The Conjuring franchise and follows a priest and religious novice who travel to the Vatican to investigate the suicide of a young Romanian nun. They unexpectedly confront the demonic nun featured in The Conjuring 2. The film stars Sally Fields as Sister Bertrille...oh wait, that’s The Flying Nun. I’m sure you’ll see some nuns flying around in this movie though. This film stars Taissa Farmiga, Demian Bichir, and Jonas Bloquet and is in theatres now.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse

Speaking of Taissa Farmiga, she will once again star in American Horror Story’s new season, along with many of its beloved stars (sadly, no Jessica Lange). This season is a crossover between previous seasons Murder House and Coven, which have been officially determined (by yours truly me) to be the best seasons of AHS. It is still unknown how exactly the crossover will work throughout the season but when do we even really know what is going during this show. It is still unknown by viewers how this crossover will play out, but let’s be honest, it’s not like we ever really know what is going on in the show anyway.


I know I said I wouldn’t mention Halloween, but I just can’t help it when a sequel to the original 1978 Halloween movie has finally been made. For people reading this that are thinking to themselves “Haven’t I seen some sub-par remakes of that movie before?” you are right. However, this new film is referred to as a sequel because it will disregard all of the other films through retroactive continuity (aka retcon). In other words, the premises and timelines of the other films will be altered, ignored, or outright contradicted. Writer Danny McBride refers to the film as Halloween 2 which “was nicer than knowing you’re working on Halloween 11.” Jamie Lee Curtis has justly reclaimed her role as the infamous Laurie Strode, who hopefully has been able to work on her running during the past 40 years. I mean, c’mon, he’s literally walking Laurie. Walking. Just run away. No, stop looking back. Ugh, I can’t.

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