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Nico’s Euphonic Odyssey Through a Rainy Day

Have you ever looked outside of your window in the morning only to be greeted by grey skies and wet concrete and thought, “Wow, awesome! Can’t wait to go through this day!”? Me neither, but that’s why I've made a playlist to help you get through the dreariest of October days, when everyone you know is sick and midterms begin their siege on our sanities.

Ojard - Plage de la concurrence

You wake up and shower, get dressed, or whatever it is you do in the morning. You’re not exactly looking forward to the day, but that’s OK. This song reassures you that it’s going to be better than you expect.

Rex Orange County - Waiting Room

You’re sipping your coffee or tea before your first class, waiting for the day to punch you in the face. This song reminds you that that can’t happen, because days can’t physically punch you, or anyone for that matter.

Dr. Dog - How Long Must I Wait

You’ve made it through your first class, and now you’re waiting in line at Eagles. This song perfectly underscores your frustration, and, along with everyone else on the second floor of Mac, ponders, “How long must I wait" (for my bowl, salad, or sandwich)?

The Kinks - Village Green

On your way back through the quad, the baroque harpsichord and Ray Davies’ capricious lyrics force you to see that the leaves blowing in the trees and the smell of wet concrete is, in a way, beautiful.

The Turtles - Elenore

You’re the Turtles, and the day is Elenore. Gee, you’re starting to think it’s really swell.

Thee Lakesiders - Si Me Faltaras Tu

Like the genre of postmodern Chicano soul (see: Chicano Batman), you’re rejuvenated. This song’s catchy riff and bouncy drum beat match your newfound enthusiasm for the rain.

Courtney Barnett - An Illustration of Loneliness (Sleepless in New York)

You’re finally back at the old homestead, wherever that may be. As you lay on your bed, or couch, or floor (we’ve all been there), you look outside and start to reflect on your day.

Oberhofer - Sea of Dreams

But alas, the day’s not over! There’s homework, clubs, and FaceTiming with parents! Oh, would that there were more hours in the day. But there aren’t, and this song will help you regain the energy to finish your day strong.

Chilly Gonzales - Ellis Eye

You’ve just finished all your work, and it’s time to unwind. I could’ve included Chilly Gonzales’ entire Solo Piano trilogy here, but out of all of them, Ellis Eye’s slow crescendo into a dramatic finale best represents the feeling that accompanies the end of a rainy day.

TOPS - The Hollow Sound of the Morning Chimes

Instead, what you get is a slow drift into sleep, much like the extended outro. of this song. And as you fall asleep, all you can hope for is some sun in the day that that is to come.

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