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Photo courtesy of Undergraduate Government of Boston College / Facebook

UGBC Expresses Solidarity With Sexual Assault Survivors After Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

The Undergraduate Government of Boston College (UGBC) posted a statement on its Facebook page addressing sexual assault and harassment in the aftermath of Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation.

“In light of the recent Supreme Court confirmation process, UGBC would like to take a moment to express our condemnation of all forms of sexual assault and harassment,” said the statement.

It went on to reaffirm that UGBC stands in solidarity with survivors of sexual assault. It listed both on and off campus support resources, including university counseling services, the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, and BCPD.

In an email to The Gavel, UGBC President Reed Piercey, MCAS ’19, explained that the UGBC Executive Council originally hesitated to issue a statement because of the contentious and partisan nature of the confirmation process.

We realized, though, that the pain brought into the open by Justice Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford's testimonies should be considered anything but partisan,” he explained.

“For many in our own community at BC, the trauma resurfaced by this process hits agonizingly close to home,” said Piercey. “Regardless of what you decide for yourself about the Kavanaugh case, the fact is that our systems have repeatedly and shamefully failed survivors of sexual assault.”

He also reiterated that the Women’s Center’s SANet hotline and CARE Team, which were accidentally omitted from the Facebook post, are also useful resources.

Piercey concluded the email by saying, “Our biggest hope going forward is that, beyond just making statements, we can find ways to be present and materially support survivors on our campus.”