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Photo courtesy of Michelle Cha

BC-Themed Halloween Costumes

With the end of October comes colder weather, the changing color of the leaves, those last remaining midterms, and, of course, Halloween. The holiday is the one night during the year where college students can get away with wearing a “sexy” version of practically any costume or can choose to dress like a football (or any other popular sport) player for the 3rd year in a row.

However, if you find yourself looking for a change this year and want your costume to be not only creative but full of BC pride, then look no further. This revamped list of following costume ideas is sure to grab attention at every party as well as announce to the world that you are 110% a BC Eagle.

  1. The Newton Bus

This group costume is sure to bring back memories for all those who lived on Newton freshman year. Elusive and burdensome, the Newton bus is a staple of the struggles of freshman year and, as a costume, is sure to terrify many. Simply cut out holes in large cardboard boxes, paint the sides black and red, attach some string to act as straps, grab some friends to line up with you, and you’ll be able to form the Newton bus in no time.

  1. A Juul

Let’s not kid ourselves, the Juul makes an appearance at nearly every BC party and has become one of the most popular party trends across college campuses in America. While juuling may not be the greatest for your lungs, it most certainly can be a fantastic costume idea. Dressing as a Juul is not only a simple and potentially cute costume, but it will have nearly everyone at the party asking for you, immediately making you the life of the party. For this costume, all you have to do is wear tight-fitting black clothing and tape white letters spelling out “Juul” to your outfit.

  1. Steve Addazio Announcing the 2014 Red Bandana Game

The credit for this costume idea goes to Barstool BC and is definitely going to be a crowd pleaser. The only thing better than Steve Addazio is Steve Addazio wearing a maroon polo and hot pink blazer. While it’s true that no one can rock this look better than Addazio, you can certainly try to come close. The requirements for this costume are pretty straightforward: a maroon polo, pink blazer, and a printed out ACC Digital Network logo.

  1. Plex Physical Trainer

Not many of us make it to the Plex as much as we want to but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up like a frequent Plex-goer for a night. The necessities of this costume include a muscle tank, Adrenaline socks, and as much Nike or Under Armour as possible. When picking out the bottoms for this costume, the tighter the shorts the better. To complete the look don’t forget to bring a blender bottle, which you can conveniently use to carry around your drink of the night.  

  1. AJ Dillon

What better way to show BC pride than by dressing as the greatest on-campus celebrity and football running back, AJ Dillon? For this look, all you need is AJ Dillon’s official #2 football jersey and a football to toss around for some added realism. An optional addition to this costume would be a jar of tomato sauce—he is called AJ “The Sauce” Dillon for a reason.

No matter what you dress up for this Halloween be sure to have fun, stay safe, and eat a ton of candy. And remember to be respectful when picking out a costume!