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Madison Polkowitz / Gavel Media

The Best Study Spots On and Around BC's Campus

After a short Thanksgiving break tease, Boston College students find themselves looking forward to their long-awaited Christmas break, where they can enjoy time with their friends and family in between semesters. Unfortunately, they first have to make it through three sometimes excruciatingly long weeks of studying for final exams and papers. Naturally, every student has a different method of studying.  Some students need dead silence to focus solely on their work, while others need surrounding chatter to keep them engaged in what they are working on.  Some students want a place where they can also quickly grab a bite to eat, while others want a spot strictly used for studying.  Luckily for Boston College students, there are a countless number of places on and around campus that are available as study spots, each with unique atmospheres.

Not only does Boston College have two libraries on its main campus, the Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr. Library and The Bapst Library, but it also offers many other study spots in neighboring academic buildings in each quad.

The libraries on campus are known to be places with minimal noise, where students can go if they like quiet locations to get their work done. Bapst, in particular, is known to be so silent during finals that you can literally hear a pin drop as you are studying.

“Bapst is a great study spot for me because, in order to do my work, I need to go somewhere that is really quiet so I have no distractions,” said Katie Lenox, MCAS ’22.  Many agree with Katie that Bapst, “has an atmosphere of hard work which keeps [us] motivated to study.”

Others who do not like dead silence as they work prefer O’Neill, which is a more talkative study area.  O’Neill is unique in that it has five floors, each of which has different accommodations and different noise levels.

Further, the dining halls are louder places to study on campus and can be useful when you need to work on a group project or if you need to quickly eat your dinner as you continue to work.  The Chocolate Bar is a great intermediate between the silence of the libraries and the loud chatter in the dining halls, as it fosters a coffee shop atmosphere. Mostly, students work by themselves as they grab a bite to eat or drink their coffee, but there is the occasional soft-spoken conversation between friends catching up or study groups working together.

In addition to these locations are study areas on each floor of Gasson and Fulton, as well as a workspace in the hallway connecting Stokes North and Stokes South, right above the Chocolate Bar.

Jackie Sheerin-Weissenberg, MCAS ’22 explains, “My favorite place on campus is the upstairs hallway connecting Stokes North and Stokes South.  I love sitting on the chairs and listening to music while I get work done.  It’s refreshing to be able to study and get work done and be close to coffee and be able to look outside and admire the beautiful Boston College campus.”

Of course, some Boston College students choose to go to places off campus to study instead.  Luckily, BC is in a beautiful area that is surrounded by many different shops and restaurants which can double as great study areas.  For example, Newton Centre, which has many restaurants, is about a twenty-minute walk from campus, and even faster if you live on Newton Campus.

Jenny Shunyakova, MCAS ’22, agrees that even though BC has many great places to study, “it’s sometimes necessary to get off campus and do work in a new place. I go to Panera occasionally and find that the background noise, and overall change of atmosphere from normal, allows me to be more productive while also relaxing and learning more about what the area surrounding BC has to offer.”

Another place in Newton Centre that is common for studying is Johnny's Luncheonette, as well as the Starbucks or Peet’s Coffee shops located there as well.  Desiree Lewis, MCAS ’22 stated, “Johnny’s is a little dinner with such a calming atmosphere. I always go there when I want to study and need a little break from the BC bubble.”

Depending on people’s different styles, Boston College provides many places on and around campus for everyone’s different study needs.