LTE: For Here, All Are One

For Here, All Are One


They tell us we are one, that

In a society well-divided

The university we are at

Is one that’s united


They tell us it’s highly selective, but

Did they select that?

They tell us it’s prestigious, but

If that’s prestige, I’m a gutter rat


Hateful words stain

Though the walls were painted over

Treated like the mundane

Hearts sliced by a pen, blood and ink makes us colder


Troublemaker, they called me, in rebuttal

But from words, I can’t refrain

I’d be lucky to make trouble

Because trouble incites change


They say we’re men and women for others

For here, all are one

But what about our sisters and brothers

For whom which pain cannot be undone?


Are we trying our hardest?

Are we doing our best?

They say these things happen, regardless

Will we be like the rest?


Fear, anger, inexplicable despair

Quiet conversations among every hall

We can turn whispers to shouts, shouts to action, make them care

We are men and women for others, after all


For here, all are one

And from now, one are all

Not one of us will be forgotten, none

Until things do change, for action we will call


-Taylor Giuffre-Catalano, 12/10/2018
In light of the recent racist vandalism in Welch Hall