Erin Faulkner / Gavel Media

Boston College Dance Marathon Boppin' Its Way to the Top for a Cause

On Saturday, Feb. 16, the annual Boston College Dance Marathon took place at the Plex. This year’s marathon raised $33,269.76 for Boston Children’s Hospital, bringing in a record amount: $12,608.31 more than last year’s $20,661.45.

The event was created in 2016, with the goal of raising money for Boston Children’s Hospital’s Every Child Fund. The fund goes towards “directly supporting Boston Children’s lifesaving work.” This ranges from providing “3D models of children’s spines to help surgeons ‘see’ before surgery” to funding for “support sessions for patients, parents and siblings.”

This year’s marathon took place from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., making it one hour longer than last year’s. The special theme was “Dance Through the Seasons,” which was realized with decorations that were changed throughout the day. The event was filled with constant dancing and fun events such as a crab walk relay race, a beach ball toss, and a limbo contest.

The organization’s president, Bridgette Merriman, MCAS ’20, is proud of this year’s accomplishments. 2019 marked an increase in student support.

“Last year we had 167 [people] registered. This year we had 180 people register, and that only accounts for the people who officially registered. Many more people showed up to dance,” said Merriman. But BCDM won’t stop here.

While the event garnered an impressive amount of money, when acknowledging the huge sums of money gathered by dance marathons at other schools, it becomes clear that BCDM has a lot of potential. At schools such as Penn State and the University of Ohio, THONs are a huge part of campus culture. This year’s THON at Penn State earned a whopping $10,621,683.76 and lasted 46 straight hours. Large state schools have fostered a strong culture devoted to donating their time “for the kids.” Boston College students who are extremely passionate about helping people, particularly children, should turn their attention to participating in next year’s BCDM. The dance marathon provides a fun and social event for people to not only dance with friends, but also raise money for a meaningful cause.

“Nothing really brings all of BC together," Merriman pointed out. "The nature of dance marathons, in general, is that everyone can be included.”

BCDM is already diligently “working to plan next year’s marathon, along with other fun collaborative events.” BCDM VP Caroline Barrett, CSOM ’21, mentioned BCDM’s goal of working with other clubs to increase participation and awareness throughout campus. Earlier this year, BCDM hosted the A Capella Riff-Off competition on campus featuring acapella groups the Acoustics, Bostonians, Common Tones, Dynamics, and Sharps.

This year’s Dance Marathon exemplified the intense dedication Boston College students have to help those around them. BCDM's leaders invite you to follow their social media pages and to continue supporting their valiant cause. Be sure to participate in their future events for fun and gratification, and for the kids!

You can follow Boston College Dance Marathon on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.