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It Takes Two to Betray, so Where Are All The Tristan Thompson Memes?

It seems that in this day and age, whether you are a huge fan of Keeping Up with the Kardashians or cannot stand the infamous family, there is no escaping the constant internet buzz surrounding the Kardashians. The latest news is the shocking scandal that Jordyn Woods, Kylie Jenner’s housemate and best friend from high school, cheated with Cleveland Cavaliers player Tristan Thompson, who also happens to be Khloe’s baby daddy.

Naturally, the first reaction from Kardashian fans was disbelief and disgust toward Woods, who had betrayed Kylie and her family after they helped build Wood’s career and offered her love, respect, and a home. After the initial shock, people flocked to Twitter and Instagram to post memes making fun of the “best friend cheats with sister’s boyfriend” situation. Interestingly, the memes are all focused on insulting Woods, but barely any ridicule Thompson.

This could be simply because the Woods’ situation allows for the creation of funnier, more relatable memes. However, the lack of memes insulting Thompson raises questions about a larger problem—mainly, society's tendency to blame the women, rather than the men, who partake in the same affairs.

Lily Mesterhazy, MCAS ’22, agrees with both of these ideas. “While we give men a pass to be more sexual and promiscuous," she notes, "obviously the influence Kylie has impacts the backlash Jordyn is receiving.”

Emma Twombly, MCAS ’22, also agrees that people in today’s society tend to blame “the other woman” instead of the cheating boyfriend. This reflects society’s bigger issue of generally blaming women for things more harshly than men.

“Although it was terrible of Jordyn to help Tristan cheat on Khloe, a very close friend of hers, Tristan was the one who was in the relationship," Twombly says. "I've seen a lot of memes about Jordyn being in the wrong, but that seems to be an example of blaming the ‘other woman’ when maybe the cheating boyfriend is the bigger problem. I think Tristan needs to take more of the blame for cheating multiple times on the woman he has a child with.”

The wave of memes created from this cheating scandal also serves as a reminder of the extreme use of memes as responses to major pop culture events. Essentially every public incident is turned into a meme, including Trump’s policies, song lyrics, and miscellaneous funny, scary, or sad videos.

Katie Lenox, MCAS ’22, agrees. “After anything occurs today, funny or tragic, you can expect memes to be made the next second about what happened," Lenox notes. "I’m not sure if this is necessarily good or bad, but it definitely keeps teenagers informed about what’s going on in the world.”

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