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Adviser at Center of College Admissions Scandal Sets Price of BC Admission Over $1 Million

Court documents in the recent college admissions scandal suggest that parents can purchase acceptance to Boston College for a donation north of one million dollars, according to one admissions adviser.

The figure comes from text messages between William Singer, a California college adviser at the center of the recent admissions scandal, and Maci Palatella, the CEO of International Beverage, a liquor distribution company.

Singer texted Palatella with a price list of donation amounts required to secure admission to several top universities across the country.

Palatella then asked Singer about the two price ranges for most schools, saying, “$300-400 was one level, and the second level was $750-1m.”

Singer confirmed most schools fall within those ranges, however “Georgetown [and] BC may be over 1m.”

Palatella eventually paid approximately $500,000 to gain her son admission to his first-choice school, University of Southern California.

She is now among 32 other parents charged in a $25 million college bribery scam.

It’s unclear whether anyone paid Singer the million dollar fee to gain admission to Boston College, however, according to one federal complaint, children of Singer’s clients did submit fraudulent exam scores to BC.

In a statement released Wednesday, Boston College responded that it “remains committed to a fair and meritorious admission process that rewards applicants for their hard work and personal achievement."

The University also emphasized that there were no allegations of employee wrongdoing or students being admitted under false pretenses. 

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