Photo Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

Captain Marvel Triumphed and So Can You

Over the past two weeks, Captain Marvel has been going higher, further, and faster at the box office. However, the lead-up to Captain Marvel was a rocky one, as sexist internet trolls, laughable trailer complaints, and fears of Marvel getting an overpowered female superhero made many skeptics and avid Marvel fans doubt whether or not Captain Marvel would be successful. The first female-led Marvel movie had a lot of expectations to meet, and boy did it meet them—and then some. While audiences flocked to the theaters to see how exactly Captain Marvel ties into the upcoming Avengers: Endgame movie, what they got was a fun and thrilling action movie that empowers both men and women to strive to be the best versions of themselves. By the end of the movie, it becomes clear why Captain Marvel is lauded as one of, if not the most, powerful superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and her origin story has made all of that talk just that much better. Captain Marvel, played by actress Brie Larson, is an ideal superhero for our time and also challenges and destroys the notion that females cannot be at the center of successful superhero movies or role models for younger generations of men and women.

For one thing, Captain Marvel is a movie which beautifully balances a number of moving parts to its story. It's a movie about a soldier who realizes her abilities have been used for war crimes and tries to make things right. It's a movie about the bonds and true strength of friendship. It's a movie about learning not to judge a group of people based on indoctrination and preconceived notions. But mostly, Captain Marvel is a movie about a person challenging the unfair establishment in which they find themselves. Captain Marvel's most enduring quality is her rebelliousness. Even before she gets her superpowers, Carol Danvers is fighting against the established patriarchy in her quest to become a female combat pilot. Once she gains her powers, Carol fights against the Kree and her trainer as they attempt to control and exploit her to achieve their own goals. In all of this, her rebelliousness is simply not out of spite, but out of belief. Captain Marvel recognizes the wrongs of the world and strives to change them. And as much as her story can be seen as a female-specific empowerment account, Carol Danvers’ character has such understated charisma and relatability that people of all genders and backgrounds can see themselves in her. Carol Danvers is empowered by what she believes in, and her ordinary charm comes from her relentless pursuit and fight to see her dreams come to fruition.

Great performances, colorful visuals, and a spirited lead character make Captain Marvel stand as a shining example of how to triumphantly combine empowerment with entertainment. Captain Marvel is a powerful hero, but also an admirable person, one with good friends and goals worth fighting for. Captain Marvel also firmly establishes Carol Danvers as one of Marvel's mightiest superheroes, which is exactly what the Avengers will need in their fight against the mad titan Thanos.