Kate McCabe / Gavel Media

Bad Suns, Good Album

On Friday, March 22, Bad Suns released Mystic Truth, their third studio album and first album with Epitaph Records. The alternative-rock band, originally from Southern California, is composed of lead vocalist Christo Bowman, bassist Gavin Bennett, drummer Miles Mores, and guitarist Ray Libby. The four men have come a long way since the release of their first EP, Transpose, in 2013.

Their newest masterpiece, Mystic Truth, is advertised by Epitaph Records as “a remarkable step forward that’s at once melodically sharper and more emotionally complex than anything they’ve done before.” The album features ten upbeat songs, reminiscent of all-consuming, inescapable love and lust.

“Away We Go” and “Hold Your Fire” were singles released before the album. Both feature guitar solos and cheery beats, in classic Bad Suns fashion, and left fans even more excited for the release of the other eight songs on the album.

Before the release of Mystic Truth, “Away We Go” had already received great reviews from the LA Times, which stated that it was “a scream-along anthem…post-punk with a hint of the Boss.” The music video also received praise, such as from Alternative Press, which called it “a triumph of color, rhythm and light.”

“Hold Your Fire” also received outstanding reviews, including from The Daily Listening, which said, “’Hold Your Fire’ is a Strokes-esque take on their already massive alt-pop sound, adding in a little sweetness to what we’ve all loved about these guys since their 2014 debut.”

The album as a whole is receiving great press and reviews as well. Originally, fans were wary of the band signing with Epitaph Records, as the company is famous for albums with loud, crash-bang rhythms. However, after hearing the record, fans are saying that Mystic Truth is perhaps more even-toned than any of Bad Suns’ previous albums. Interestingly, while Bad Suns’ fans were left wondering when they would get new music after the release of Disappear Here in 2016, the four band members were busy at work on Mystic Truth since before the end of the Disappear Here tour. The four young men wrote and recorded their songs all over the world, in cities such as Hong Kong, Bridgehampton, Bankside, and their home city of Los Angeles, of course.

No doubt, Mystic Truth is a huge success among Bad Suns' fans. Whether or not you usually like the alternative-rock style, Bad Suns is an awesome band to check out; their hits are upbeat and could almost be categorized within the pop genre. The band has already announced a 2019 world tour in support of their new album.