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Oscar A. Romero Scholarship Awarded to Carolina Tirú-Vega

Carolina Tirú-Vega, MCAS ‘20, was presented with the 27th Annual Archbishop Oscar A. Romero scholarship on Saturday, March 23, in the Yawkey Athletics Center. The scholarship awards up to $25,000 towards the tuition of the winner for their senior year.

The Romero scholarship “recognizes a Boston College junior who has demonstrated superior academic achievement, extracurricular leadership, community service, and involvement with the Hispanic/Latino community and Hispanic/Latino issues both on and off campus.”

The finalists, Diana Hernandez, LSOE ‘20, and Vanessa Ruiz, MCAS ‘20, both received a $3,000 scholarship for their senior year tuition and a $1,000 gift card to the bookstore.

“Saint Oscar Romero was a man of action and commitment to those that were voiceless. His struggle to fight for justice is one that left a mark on many, including myself,” said Tirú-Vega. “As I began the process to apply for this award, I took it upon myself to reflect on all of the activities that I have been involved with inside and outside of BC in order to understand how the mission of Romero has been present in my life.”

On campus, Tirú-Vega is involved with the Organization of Latin American Affairs (OLAA), the Campus School, and Saint Ignatius Parish. She noted that her on-campus involvements, family, and professors are, “the reason I am here today, the reason I have dedicated myself to fighting for equality and justice, the reason I have made it so far, is because of all of the people who have been there supporting me every step of the way.”

“This award is not for me, but for all of those that are always there, for those that are fighting for civil liberties, for those that are preaching Romero's ‘violence of love,’” said Tirú-Vega. “I am honored to have received this award, and I look forward to continuing Romero's mission.”

After graduation, Tirú-Vega plans on pursuing a career in human rights law, and experiences such as the course she took in Israel and Palestine over winter break have helped open her eyes to different realities of the world. 

“We are privileged in every sense of the word, just by something as simple as having eyes to see and food to eat,” she said. “This trip reminded me of the importance of using the privilege of sight to open up the eyes of others, and to use the privilege of having food on my table to share it with the many others that don't.”

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