Frankie Mancini / Gavel Media

So, Where Are You Living?

Walking across the quad is an interesting experience in the days after housing selection. After the weeks of friend group drama, Google Image searches of dorms, scanning of floor plans, and tears of joy or sadness when pick times came out, all one can hear is an endless echo of, “So, where are you living next year?”

Now that the process of room selection is over, we can all take a breath. A breath of relief for those who secured their spots in the Mods or in Vandy. A deep sigh for those rising seniors who got the unfortunate Newton to CoRo to ‘not a mod’ combination. But hey, no matter where you’re living next year, at least we can all come to one consensus: the room selection process sucks.

It was January when we all received the email that housing selection was coming up. From that moment, a wave of pandemonium engulfed the student body. In dining halls, panicked groups of friends huddled together discussing how to get spots in their desired locations… and whispering about which friends they were going to cut out of the group if those plans failed. Freshmen at Mac dreamt of their beloved eight-mans, with splits between those who wanted quiet and clean Vandy and those who hoped for the gross, but lively Walsh. Either way, everyone agreed to “anything as long as it isn’t CoRo.” Little did those groups know that many of them would end up blocking doubles in Roncalli or Welch and cursing ResLife for not gracing them with pick times.

For the freshmen, the memories of sitting alone in Mac and struggling to meet people were fresh. Listening to friends they’ve known for only a few months bicker over whether they should just block two quads or try going for a nine-man only increased their stress levels. Were you really supposed to have a close-knit group to live with after only three months in school?

Housing put unnecessary social pressure on students already stressed over their academic responsibilities. Whether it was the stress of going through the housing forms, having tough conversations with your friends, or scouring the Facebook Roommate Finder (see ResLife, you can be helpful), this process was bound to be anxiety-inducing. But it’s all over now—so take that deep breath, let go of your stress, and remember, no matter where you’re living next year, you’re still an Eagle.