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'Splurge Events' App Launched by BC Students

Two Boston College students launched “Splurge Events,” an app that aims to schedule, organize, and notify users of events both on and off campus, on March 29. The app is available to download via the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Co-creators Jamaal Rene, MCAS ‘20, and Subraiz Ahmed, MCAS ‘20, developed Splurge Events in order to, “create a centralized event location that not only shows student events on campus, but other campuses, and the surrounding area all pertaining to the things that interest them," said Rene.

Rene provided much of the inspiration and features of the app, while Ahmed, who coded the app with “React Native” language, provided the technological expertise.

Like many others who develop apps and technology, Rene and Ahmed were motivated to fulfill a need. Both co-developers are event planners. Ahmed is the current Vice President of UGBC’s Communications department and knows how stressful it is to advertise and keep track of events.

“There are over 270 clubs at Boston College alone — how are all of them going to get to their intended audience if there are thousands of other posts?” Rene said. “My business partner and roommate, Subraiz and I decided to make it happen.”

To utilize Splurge Events, users must first create an account through the app. Then, users select any number of interests out of many different options, from which Splurge uses an algorithm to show and notify them of events on campus and close by that fit their interests. Since Splurge filters out events that are not relevant to users' personal wants, it prevents a sense of information overload.

Over the course of the next semester, Rene and Ahmed are planning on expanding its reach, in addition to starting a company that builds apps for their clients. Besides app development, they also want to offer consulting and marketing aid through their firm.

Ultimately, Rene and Ahmed hope that Splurge provides BC students accessibility and organization.

“We hope that Splurge Events is just the beginning and should serve as an example for what we can do for others.”

Once again, Splurge Events is currently downloadable from the App Store, as well as Google Play.

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