Gasson behind some lovely cherry blossoms
Madison Polkowitz / Gavel Media

A BC Student's Guide to Spring on the Heights

The recent start of spring ushered in beautiful warm weather, marking an official end to what seemed like a never-ending winter. This welcome change in the air conjures thoughts of spring cleaning, budding flowers, and basking in the sunlight on the quad. Below, I’ve summarized some of my hot takes and spring musts to help you make the most of the season.

Do bask in the sunshine sitting on the amphitheater outside of Stokes. Bring your sunglasses and a salad from Eagles and pretend that you can see past the intense glare on your computer screen as you try to do some homework. Although it is warm and beautiful, school work is still a thing!

Don’t succumb to the blight of springtime: allergies. Snort nasal spray and pop Claritin like its candy. Nothing is worse than a sneeze attack mid-lecture sans tissues. Save everyone the embarrassment of repeating “bless you” ten times in a row with increasing animosity and prepare beforehand!

Do play frisbee or throw around some sort of ball-shaped object on Stokes lawn. Play like BC is paying you to model in a college marketing catalogue. Remember when that grass was covered in mounds of mushy snow? No longer! Bring a blanket and sunbathe to your heart’s desire.

Don’t start wearing flip flops. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but no one wants to see your nasty toes come out of their winter hibernation. Besides, it’s not summer yet! Fifty degrees is not justification enough to let your toes see the light of day. If you are desperate, please at least hit up a nail salon first. Considering my friend’s foot was just run over by a rat scampering through CoRo Cafe, you are better off with sturdier shoes anyways.

Do visit the Boston Common's no longer frozen Frog Pond. Go shopping along Newbury Street, grab some non-cafeteria food, and walk around the park scrambling to pet every dog you spot. If you soak up enough warmth, you’ll start to forget the cold, bleak darkness of this past winter!

Don’t continue to wear your Canada Goose jackets. Let those geese migrate into the dark recesses of your closet until next winter. Instead, opt for a more weather appropriate denim jacket that will make you look ten times trendier than you actually are. Pair it with some cuffed jeans and BOOM—you’re the coolest cat around.

Do appreciate how beautiful it is! The sun has returned along with weather that makes me feel like a human again. Spring is finally here and summer is not far away. Let the blooming spring carry you through finals and to the end of the semester. Cheers to the new season!

Iced coffee with oat milk and a sausage egg and cheese extra cheese.