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'In Her Footsteps' Documentary Screening Includes Q&A With Director Rana Abu-Fraiha Herself

This Thursday, April 4, from 8-10 p.m. in Fulton 511, BC Students for Justice in Palestine and the AHANA+ Leadership Council will be conducting a screening of Rana Abu-Fraiha’s award winning documentary In Her Footsteps, followed by a Q&A session with Fraiha herself. The film won the Ophir Award for Best Documentary as well as the Van Leer Award for Best Director of a Documentary Film at the Jerusalem Film Festival.

The film “examines questions about nationality, gender, and women’s identity” as it covers the story of Rana Abu Fraiha’s family and their journey from their Bedouin village, Tel Sheva, to Omer, a bourgeois Jewish town located just three miles away from their home. While living in Omer, where the family resided for twenty years, they were faced with several problems.

Fraiha’s Muslim mother, who had battled breast cancer for over ten years, had only one wish before she passed: to be buried in Omer’s Jewish cemetery. This was entirely new to the town of Omer, as they had never before dealt with the issue of where to bury the Muslim residents of the town. The family was then faced with an incredibly difficult decision—fulfill their mother’s dying wish or stay true to the social orders of their religion and culture. Fraiha’s documentary gives audiences a firsthand look into the impact of this difficult decision on her family. 

Boston College Students for Justice in Palestine is “a group of students dedicated to working in solidarity with the people of Palestine.” They host events, speakers, and meet regularly “to promote justice, human rights, liberation, and self-determination for the Palestinian people." Their aim is to amplify the voice of Palestinians and their “often untold stories.”

SJP hopes the screening will do just that by allowing the documentary to educate people about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the oppression taking place. The Q&A session will give students the opportunity to hear from Rana Abu Fraiha herself and ask thoughtful questions about her particular experience.  

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