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Should I Stay, or Should I Go?

This year, Easter break is from April 18 to 22, far later into the month than it was in 2018. This is particularly nice because now it falls long after spring break has passed. Students now have an opportunity to spend some quality time at home instead of partying in the notorious Punta Cana. It’s nice to have a mini break of relaxation as finals approach, and the semester dwindles.

The question we are all asking ourselves is: Is it really worth it to go home for only five days?

Reasons to go home:

1. You have a dog.

As much as I love my family and enjoy their company, the deciding factor for my visits back home is typically my dog. Dogs don’t know why you’ve disappeared for months on end. They don’t understand the concept of college. Your dog misses their best buddy almost as much as you miss them; for all they know, you could be dead. Think about how excited Buddy is going to be when he sees his human walk through the front door unannounced. Jumps, happy circles, licks, and wags are guaranteed.

2. Your bed.

Sleeping at home just hits differently. The comfort of your own room, or even just a bed that doesn’t have plastic covering underneath whatever mattress pad you’ve used to mask the sensation, might be the r & r you need before finals season.

3. Free food.

Perhaps your meal plan is running out or you have not had the time to go to the grocery store for the past two weeks. Food, especially over Easter, is a given. Whether it be your mom’s cooking or your favorite take out place that is unique to your town/city, good eats is a major reason to make the trek home. The best part is that you probably won’t have to pay for any of it. Score.

4. Friends and Family.

They miss you. You miss them. Some of us have gone months without seeing our parents or siblings. Taking the time to travel home for only a short period of time shows how much you care about your family and friends at home. You made the deliberate effort to visit them rather than hanging out in Boston and waiting another month to show your face. Holidays are important to many families, and ditching Easter mass to stay at school may hurt your grandmother’s feelings. Don’t be that guy.

5. Burst the Bubble.

Let’s be honest, this place can be a vacuum that sucks the soul from our bodies and leaves behind a hollow shell of what we once were. With finals and other imminent responsibilities looming over your head, taking a break from campus is probably the healthiest choice for your sanity. Sure, you can relax at school, but why not really relax and get off campus for at least a few days? I don’t know about you, but even looking at the library gives me anxiety sometimes.

Reasons to stay at BC:

1.You have a cat.

As much as you think your cat has missed you, they probably haven’t. Cats are solitary creatures who will not be jumping at the door when you finally make an appearance. Maybe if you’re lucky, Mittens will come out from under the bed to rub against you. No guarantees.

2. You live too far away.

It may not be worth it to fly over 5 hours each way to get home and back. Getting to the airport on time for a long flight during a holiday rush? Not everyone’s cup of tea. If you live within two hours of campus, traveling home is a much easier decision to make. Laying low on campus and dodging traveling troubles may be the right choice for students who have to go the distance.

3. Boredom? Don’t know her…

No responsibilities? Spring temperatures? Darty season will be in full force, without a doubt. As long as there is an Easter egg hunt, I see no reason to leave campus. Your family can wait less than one more month to see you. If partying is not your forte, Boston is a great city to explore. You’ll have time to visit a museum, read a book for pleasure, or just wander with no destination in mind.

4. Friends

Lots of students will not be able to make it home. If you still want to enjoy an Easter supper, ask one of your roommates to take you with them to their family festivities, or better yet, plan a get together with everyone who is still on campus. Instead of dealing with your siblings or having agnonizing conversations with distant family members, you could be hanging out with the people you voluntarily choose to be around.

5. Studying

All of the nerds on campus will have the libraries at their disposal to get ahead on studying for finals. All of the slackers on campus will finally have the time to catch up on all of the work they have procrastinated. With fewer students on campus and no classes in session, there will be a surplus of quiet study spaces for usage. What’s more appealing than that?

There are strong arguments for both sides of the dilemma, but in the end, traveling over Easter break is up to the individual and what he/she values most. Some people may want to go home but are unable to logistically. Travel is not only more expensive, but also more time consuming over Easter break. However, for those who have the means and the patience to make the journey, it may be worth it.

Whatever you decide to do with your holiday, you deserve the break. If you live close to home, I suggest at least making an appearance. Regardless of whether you celebrate Easter or not, your family will value your presence. Though the freedom of staying at school may be more tempting, home is a treat that we should appreciate while we still have it. Someday, going home might not even be an option, unless you plan on living in your family’s basement forever. To each their own.

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