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Someone Great: A Fun but Forgettable Netflix Original

Breakups are the worst. I'm sure we can all agree that getting your heart broken is a devastating and generally awful experience. Saying goodbye to your best friend and companion can feel like the end of the world, especially when you're young and believe you've found “the one.”

The main character of the new Netflix film Someone Great is introduced immediately after getting her heart broken. After landing her dream job with Rolling Stone, Jenny Young (Gina Rodriguez), a music journalist, must move to San Francisco. This opportunity reveals itself to be bittersweet when her boyfriend of nine years, Nate (Lakeith Stanfield), breaks up with her rather than attempting long-distance.

Jenny's immediate response involves a lot of tears and drinking, as she believes that she and Nate are meant to be. The remainder of the movie, however, is comprised of flashbacks of their deteriorating relationship in the time leading up to the breakup.

The beauty of this film is that is doesn’t simply follow the crying-and-ice-cream-eating stereotype that most films portray as a post-breakup cleanse. Instead, it captures the adventurous and crazy night that Jenny and her two best friends, Erin (Britanny Snow) and Blair (DeWanda Wise), experience as they navigate heartbreak, new relationships, and getting into the Neon Classic concert in New York City.

Someone Great is a fun, heartwarming watch for rom-com fans and anyone looking to kill an hour and a half. Although the film is mildly forgettable and may not measure up to other Netflix hits like All The Boys I’ve Loved Before or Set It Up, this Netflix original will at least make you laugh and keep you entertained.