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The Upcoming GLC Prom 2.0 Offers a Prom Do-Over

Prom is often talked about as one of the pinnacle events of high school. After a season of promposals, everyone dresses their best and heads out with their dates for “a night to remember.” This is the prom we know from movies and media, and even from stories passed down by parents. Prom night is supposed to be the perfect night, celebrating the end of high school with friends and significant others. However, for many students across the country, prom was not the perfect night—for some, it was not an option at all.

For those BC students who were not able to have this prom experience, the GLBTQ+ Leadership Council of Boston College is hosting Prom 2.0 this Saturday, April 27, at 9 p.m. in the Heights Room. This will be GLC’s first ever Prom 2.0, offering an authentic prom experience for LGBTQIA+ students and allies. The theme is Under the Sea, with decorations and a 50” ice sculpture of a mermaid to show for it.

“GLC is super excited to host the inaugural Prom 2.0 this year! Though this event is open to all students, it is centered around providing queer students a do-over prom, as a lot of queer people don’t get to go to their high school prom with their ideal partner due to unsafe and homophobic/transphobic school communities, a lack of potential romantic partners, or because they were still discerning their gender identity and/or sexual orientation,” said GLC council member Cam Kubera, LSOE ‘20. This do-over prom is meant to provide a more authentic and fun prom experience in a safe place where LGBTQIA+ students and allies will be celebrated.

Kubera further acknowledged how many people who identify as heterosexual also had a disappointing high school prom. “This is an opportunity for BC students to dress up in however they feel comfortable, eat some good food, and dance with their friends and/or partners!” emphasized Kubera.

Both hot and cold hors d'oeuvres will be served at the event. The full menu can be found on the Prom 2.0 Facebook event. Tickets went on sale on Monday and can still be purchased through the Robsham website for $15, plus a $2 processing fee. GLC’s Prom 2.0 presents the opportunity for a do-over and the chance for students to finally have an authentic, welcoming prom experience.

Best said by GLC: “Be ready to stunt, to flaunt, to POP.” This Prom 2.0 is sure to be a night to remember.

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