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Syllabus Week, Who?

The Gavel's Diatribe acts as the satirical medium for short rants over topics ranging from complete triviality to utmost importance.

Nothing says first day back to school like the first chirp of your alarm, never-ending lines to purchase textbooks at the BC bookstore, or walking into the wrong class (multiple times, if you’re like me). What shouldn’t be involved in the first day routine? Homework! But at BC, that sad reality is inevitable.

In what seems like a horrible trick of the college fates, BC has annoyingly decided to forsake the sacred college tradition of syllabus week. This decision leaves BC students stacked with homework before they even have their schedules confirmed. What is the point of the add-drop period if you have to continually do homework for the class you might drop, while also catching up on the homework for the class that you wish to add?

If you are a freshman, you are probably experiencing the tears for the first time as you realize that the smooth ease into the school year you expected was only in your dreams. The pain never gets easier. I thought my classic “Sunday scaries” wouldn’t kick in until later into the semester, but lo and behold, I found myself huddled at my desk the first weekend questioning why I was pre-med like clockwork. I may not be able to rely on any sort of concrete plan for my future, but at least I can count on my crippling anxiety to be there for me at least once a week.

Why has BC decided to attack us with exorbitant amounts of work? My theory is that they want to keep us weak and overwhelmed so we can’t all unite against them. It’s a quintessential Marxist class struggle. This theory is courtesy of my freshman Perspectives course. The rich, who are the administrators sitting pretty on my hefty tuition funds (@Father Leahy), are keeping the poor, aka me with my minimum wage job, subordinate. You heard it here first, folks. We must seize the means from the administrators and demand our syllabus week!

Syllabus week is supposed to usher us into the semester in a gentle and loving way, much like how I wish to be lulled to sleep by an attractive man serenading me in Italian. Instead, we are tossed to the wolves and thrown into the burning bath water to be left for dead (I may be mixing a few idioms here, but you get the idea). All I ask is for a chance to catch my breath and ease myself back into school mode! Do they know how hard it is for me to adjust from complete isolation during the summer to full-fledged social mode 24/7?

I’m sure my dramatic rant regarding administrative decisions is completely ineffective and will in no way enact any sort of change, but at least now you know you are not alone! In true BC fashion, we can suffer in solidarity. If you’re still feeling bummed out, feel free to join me for my Sunday scaries mixer this week (or any week) around 8 p.m. See you there!

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