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BC Senior 'Cannon' Looks Forward to Stokes Set Opener

He didn’t even bring his guitar when coming to school as a freshman. Now, Cannon Few, MCAS ’20, known as the artist Cannon, will be opening for Stokes Set this Saturday, Sept. 21.

“You always kind of envision stuff like this happening, and it’s cool to see it unfolding,” Cannon said when asked on his feelings about performing his music for the BC community.

As a young boy, Cannon explored his musical tendencies through writing songs, beginning at three years old, and playing the guitar, starting when he was seven. However, he never thought that music would become a serious interest of his. Taking guitar lessons as a kid, he felt that he never fully engaged with the guitar or music in general because he didn’t know exactly what he wanted to do at that point. Upon entering his first year at Boston College, he initially planned to study Economics. That plan quickly devolved as he decided to follow his true passion for writing and become an English major.

While writing has always been valuable to Cannon, his interest in music intensified overtime, starting from his freshman year on Newton campus. Oftentimes, Newton is described as having a close-knit community, and this is especially evident in the way Cannon bonded with his classmates on Newton. They were brought together by music, notably that of Chance the Rapper. This community has remained a pivotal part of his career as a musician and as a person. While he originally thought that his music would be classified as more rap, his current music has taken on, as he puts it, a more “organic” sound.

After writing a few songs, Cannon showed them to his friends, who were immediately impressed, and they encouraged him to do something with them. As humble as he is talented, Cannon was surprised by such compliments, but motivated nonetheless. After that, he began to take his music more seriously and even started recording his songs.

His manager, Luke Doyle, MCAS ’20, is also a senior at BC and one of Cannon’s good friends. Through Doyle, Cannon met Shep Goodman, a multi-platinum music producer and songwriter in New York, who is now his co-manager along with Doyle.

Doyle’s father also works in the industry and has helped to promote their demo. Last summer, Cannon visited their studio and met two young producers with whom he developed relationships and worked. Since then, they have helped to guide him through the workings of the industry.

In working with Goodman, Cannon was able collaborate with artist Peyton List, who is also signed to Goodman. Cannon happened to be in the studio on the day that List called asking for a verse for her song, “Don’t Cry.” Cannon supplied the verse, and from there the collaboration on “Don’t Cry” was recorded.

“I met [List] in prep for the music video for the first time and she was super nice and down-to-earth,” Cannon said.

Cannon was studying abroad in San Sebastien, Spain, last spring when his single, "Water Glass," was released. He and Doyle independently released the song and did not conduct any official marketing other than grassroots efforts, which involved getting friends to share the news through word of mouth.

Regardless, the song rapidly gained popularity on Spotify and is nearing on million hits. He has a second single, "These Walls," as well, and will perform a third new song at Stokes Set.

After graduation, Cannon plans to go to New York and bolster the web of connections he has made there so far. His sister also lives there, so he considers New York to be somewhat of a home as well. However, he is open to wherever his career will take him.

“They say in the music business that all roads lead to LA; I don’t know if my road leads into that, but who knows,” Cannon said.

He considers his style to be singer/songwriter driven, but heavily influenced by hip hop and R&B. Specifically, he cites The Beatles and Kid Cudi as being his biggest musical influencers due to their fresh, exciting styles and the way they crafted their songs. To work with Kid Cudi is an ultimate dream of his, and in terms of other collaborations he would also like to work with Smino or Brockhampton.

The process of writing, and how his music is conveyed through that writing, means a lot to him. He always knew that he wanted to write, whether it be as an author, journalist, or otherwise.

“I’ve always wanted to be a writer, whatever that meant. It turns out I did become a writer, just not in the way that I had thought,” Cannon said. 

When learning what influences his writing, Cannon enthusiastically professed that he is inspired by everything. He tries to write about all of his experiences, and from there he draws inspiration.

Despite his musical talent, Cannon describes himself as just a normal guy from Greenville, South Carolina trying to balance his burgeoning music career while simultaneously overloading on classes. He considers his sister and Dad to be his greatest mentors, despite the fact that neither one has any musical talent.

Cannon also emphasized the fact that everything is still developing, especially since he only started seriously recording songs a year and a half ago.

What an incredible amount of progress packed into a year and a half—and with his talent and ambition, there is surely more to come.

Ashley Stauber is a senior in MCAS studying Psychology and Political Science. She was born in Connecticut but has lived in Philadelphia for most of her life with her parents, sister, and manx cat. She has always loved to write, especially for Features, and was Editor in Chief for Layout of her high school newspaper. Aside from the Gavel she is involved in BC Model United Nations, Group Fitness as a Pilates and Barre Instructor, BCFullSwing, UGBC, and RHA. Fun fact: While studying abroad in Parma, Italy last semester she unintentionally ran a half marathon with her computer.