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Ask The Gav': When Did You See Someone Going the Extra Mile at BC?

It's a new school year, which means a whole new semester of our Ask the Gav' series. Every other week, we ask four Gavel staffers a question, and you get to read their answers! This week, we asked a group of Gavelers:

When did you see someone (or more than one person) going the extra mile at BC?

Jinoo Song, Senior, Managing Editor:

I've been on FACES Council for three years, and last year, fall semester specifically, was particularly tough because of the racist, anti-Black vandalism in Welch Hall. During that time, Jessica Murray and Hailey Burgess, two of our incredible former co-directors, really pulled through and scheduled town hall meetings, drafted new initiatives, and created guides on race and identity in such a short amount of time, despite it being finals week. Since they were co-directors of an anti-racism organization, this is technically what they were "supposed to do," but I want all of campus to recognize the work they've done and give credit where it's due.

Kate McCabe, Sophomore, Creative Assistant Manager

This isn't a specific person at BC, but I would say service workers, specifically those at BC. They have some of the most physically and emotionally taxing jobs, and they are not treated nearly well enough for everything they do, especially by students. They work so hard to make BC a good place for all of us, and I can count on one hand how many people I've ever seen saying "thank you" to a janitor. Not only do they make our food and clean our buildings, but they're also the people who scrubbed down the furniture in Welch last year after a student vandalized it with racist slurs. They're the people who tear down those awful, unsanctioned posters that go up around campus discriminating against marginalized communities. They make sure our campus is as accessible as possible for those who need it. These people are surrounded by these privileged kids who frequently don't even say hello or thank you to them, but they deserve so much better. I really encourage you to talk to these people who make our campus what it is, to get to know them, and to really make connections with them. They care about your wellbeing, not only because it's their job, but because those connections you make with them can make a hard day for them a lot better, especially when most people won't even say hello.

Liam Dietrich, Freshman, Editorial Assistant:

This isn’t really a single person but a group of people. Last Friday, I helped someone get back to their dorm. The person’s friends had been looking for him for about thirty minutes, and after finding him, they stayed with him the entire night. They chose to forego their own night’s plans just to make sure that he ended up okay. They dealt with a lot that night and it was a really great thing for them to do, especially considering how easy it would’ve been for them to leave him alone and go have fun themselves.

Ben Rufo, Junior, Copy Editor

One of the most special things about BC is that most people here are willing to go the extra mile, even in the smallest situations. For me, it recently includes a hospitable professor hosting me at their home, a friend bringing cheesecake to me in the library during midterms, a professor taking the time to check in with me to see how I’m doing during office hours, and many other meaningful moments like these. I’ve come across so many men and women for others at BC, and these experiences inspire me to make sure I do the same when the opportunity comes.