Maddy Mitchell / Gavel Media

Top 10 Movies to Get You in the Halloween Spirit

Halloween is just around the corner, but there is still time left in the season to get into the spooky mood. Halloween has some of the best holiday films, ranging from the delightfully sweet to the terrifying. Regardless of your preferences, there is a Halloween flick for everyone.


If you are a fan of horror looking to get into the holiday “spirit,” these are some of the most iconic and terrifying Halloween horror films.

Halloween — John Carpenter’s iconic slasher film has been the pinnacle of Halloween horror since its debut in 1978. Despite being over three decades old, the film still holds up. 

The Witch — One of the most revered horror films of the 2010s, The Witch is the perfect supernatural horror film to make you sleep with the lights on for a week after watching it. The film’s setting in a horrifying forest in 1630s Massachusetts only increases the scare factor. 

ScreamScream matches genuine slasher horror with parody and comedy, making it the perfect film for the self-aware fan of spooky season.


Although trick-or-treating is (for the most part) a part of the past for college students, it is still fun to return to the Halloween films that, growing up, made the season so special.

Hocus Pocus — The Sanderson Sisters are some of the most popular Halloween villains and for good reason. They are the primary reason this film is so well-loved and remembered, even decades later. 

BeetlejuiceBeetlejuice has recently taken over Broadway (and TikTok), but the original film is worth returning to if only to marvel at the fact that Alec Baldwin was once kind of hot.

Monster House Monster House scared and scarred so many kids in the mid-2000s. As one of the most terrifying kid’s movies of the past twenty years, it’s worth a rewatch. 

The Addams Family Values — This sequel to The Addams Family (1991) is one of the funniest Halloween films that truly embraces the spirit of the season. It’s as quotable as it is iconic.


Sometimes, even during spooky season, you may just want to belt out a Holiday-appropriate bop. Halloween is no Christmas when it comes to the amount of seasonally-appropriate songs that exist, but these films offer up some of the season’s best tunes.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show — This 1975 cult classic is the perfect mix of horror, comedy, parody, and delightful musical numbers. “The Time Warp” insists that you get on your feet and dance. 

Corpse Bride — Tim Burton’s animated classic about the afterlife is beautifully animated, delightfully spooky, and has some legitimate bops. 

The Nightmare Before Christmas — Perhaps the most iconic spooky film, The Nightmare Before Christmas is the perfect movie to watch to get you into the spooky mood. It’s nearly impossible to watch this film without singing “This Is Halloween” for the next week.