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UGBC Statement Raises Awareness of Campus Mental Health Resources

As a response to multiple losses that the Boston College community has suffered in the last year, the Undergraduate Student Government of Boston College (UGBC) released a statement on Thursday reminding students of mental health resources that are available.

These events have brought to light how important it is for students to have options to reach out to in times of stress. With this in mind, UGBC and other members of the university community are focusing on creating a supportive environment for the student body. On various occasions this year, Vice President of Student Affairs Joy Moore has released statements to the student body reminding them about counseling services available through University Counseling and Campus Ministry.

In UGBC’s statement, they set goals for a broader mission of creating a space to “grieve, heal, and grow” by implementing projects such as educating students about mental health and increasing outreach to students to hear feedback about resources they would like to see. They are also working to open discussions about mental health in relation to race, class, gender, and sexual orientation.

Most of all, UCBG aims to open the student body to difficult conversations that will ultimately help us grow as a community.

“Along with grief, these losses push us to ask difficult but necessary questions about the culture and community at Boston College and how we are fulfilling our Jesuit calling towards cura personalis—care for the entire person,” the UGBC statement said.

The following resources were listed in the statement:

In addition, the University has a Psychological Emergency Clinician (PEC) on call 24 hours a day. If students have an urgent problem that requires immediate assistance, they may call University Health Services (617-552-3225) and ask to speak with the PEC. The PEC, although they are not on campus, will return calls as soon as possible.

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