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Streaming and Shia: Our November Movie Preview

The end of daylight savings, rapid temperature drops, and the start of Christmas music—it must be November. With awards season on the horizon, November marks the beginning of the release of the year’s most highly anticipated films. Here’s a guide to help you navigate this month’s exciting movie releases.

Honey Boy 

Written by Shia LaBeouf, Honey Boy is based on LaBeouf’s childhood and strained relationship with his turbulent father. The story mirrors LaBeouf’s budding stardom as a child actor and how his father becomes financially dependent on his child. LaBeouf also stars in the film as James Lort, the stand-in for his own father. A24 golden boy Lucas Hedges stars opposite LaBeouf as Lort’s son. Set to stream on Amazon Nov. 8, Honey Boy was met with rave reviews at its Sundance premiere. 

Lady and the Tramp 

The latest classic Disney film to get its live-action/CGI remake is none other than beloved Lady and the Tramp. The film will be one of the first to be exclusively released on Disney’s new streaming platform, Disney+, on Nov. 12t. With Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux voicing Lady and Tramp respectively, the trailer shows little variation from the original 1955 animated feature. 


Set in suburban Florida, Waves tells the story of an African-American family and their loving, yet authoritative, patriarch. The film navigates how a family must love and practice forgiveness in the aftermath of a traumatic event. Featuring This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown, Waves promises a stunning and emotional experience. The film will be released by A24 on Nov. 15.

The Report

Scott Burns’ The Report is an American docudrama focusing on shocking and sobering discoveries made about the use of torture and coercion in the aftermath of 9/11. The Report is just one of the hot films of the season that features Adam Driver, who plays Senate staffer Daniel Jones. The film covers over a decade’s worth of political investigations, revealing the lengths the CIA went to in order to obtain information about the fall of the twin towers. The Report will have its theatrical release on Nov. 15, followed by its Amazon Prime streaming release on Nov. 29. 

Age Out

From director A.J. Edwards comes a poignant portrait of a young man recently aged out of foster care in Waco, Texas. Promising young actor Tye Sheridan plays Richie, newly 18 and forced to face the freedoms and temptations of young adulthood. Eventually turning to petty crime, Richie must navigate love, loss, and his own underdeveloped moral compass. Age Out is set for a limited theatrical release on Nov. 22.

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