Jamie Kim / Gavel Media

Is BC a Boomer School?

There’s nothing to do at night, and the food options are meager. The consensus is that BC isn’t very free-flowing for the students that inhabit it. It is the physical incarnate of an OK Boomer meme.

The longest a dining hall is open here at BC is midnight. Pretty early if you think about how one of its star attractions is something called “Late Night.” Late Night begins at 8:30 p.m., making it more like Early Evening. Our midnight snack option at Boston College is an early bird special considering the long nights of studying for finals coming up.

To put that into context, O’Neill Library is open 24 hours. So, you can go in and read at O’Neill no matter what time it is. Wake up at 12:13 a.m. and want to do something? Your only option is to go to the library. No little snack down at Lower or Mac. Nope. Go read your textbook. Total Boomer move.

Boston College students have been demanding a student center for what seems like eons. We thought we had it with McElroy a while ago, but obviously, that didn’t work out. It could be the new Plex, but with its current hours and options, I doubt it.

There is nowhere on Main Campus for the stereotypical Karaoke Night in front of a couple hundred students. When you do want to do that, you’re shoved into Coro Café or the Chocolate Bar, with students who just so happen to be there.

Students like to leave campus to have fun, which leads to a lot of trouble. I would like to think the administration would want to mitigate the optics of BC students going out into the city and causing mass disturbances, so why not have things for them to do here?

With a new, state-of-the-art student center, kids will possibly want to stay on campus, where at least campus authorities can keep somewhat of a lid on things. It isn’t that hard; we have a whole empty lot where the old Plex used to be. Please. I’m kind of begging at this point. I’m very bored.

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