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The Men of Strip Mod Aren't Afraid to Bare It All (Literally) Despite Freezing Temperatures

As a senior, it’s a pretty big deal to live in a Mod. Living in the Strip Mod, however, takes things to a whole new level. 

On Dec. 7, the men of Mod 27A and 27B will take the stage—i.e., their mod backyards—to show us their best moves and strip down before the crowd of appraising undergraduate students.

This BC tradition, while it is unclear why it actually started, may have originatedwith the men’s soccer team in the late nineties. The Strip Mods traditionally used to be 42a and 42b before they got knocked down—good news for the members of 27a and 27b who would not have wanted to miss this opportunity to shine. 

Tom Riley, MCAS ‘20, avid fan of the men of 27a, spoke on their behalf. 

“Strip mod performances can vary with some being great and others being run of the mill,” Riley said. “These guys have been putting in blood, sweat, and tears to master their craft, and I’m anticipating their performance will be life-changing.”

Riley’s confidence in Strip Mod’s ability is unwavering.

“We will be telling our kids about this performance when they become Eagles,” Riley said. 

Some of the members of 27a are part of Boston College’s Latin dance team Fuego del Corazon, and the others are Theatre stars, 4Boston Leaders, Computer Science wizards, or just straight fire on their own.

Billy Conlan, CSOM ‘20, has found his destiny in Strip Mod.

 “There are some things in life that you were just born to do,” Conlan said.  “This is one of the things that I see as leading towards many future successes for all of the men in 27A.”

James Stevenson, MCAS ‘20, spoke about his dedication to the performance and how he really is ready to run… and strip.

“For me it’s no surprise that I will be stripping down,” Stevenson said. “I surrender to stripping. I live by it, I breathe by it, and I might fall by it, but it is the life I have chosen and is one that I will pursue until the end.” 

Alex O’Connor, MCAS ‘20, added how preparing for Strip Mod has become a part of his own personal routine.

“Every day I wake up and when I take my clothing off I feel like I am rehearsing,” O’Connor said. “This gives me a feeling of fulfillment.” 

Gabriel Vasquez Rosado, CSOM '20, said that he’s most excited to be able to show off his Fuego moves.

“I’m really excited about the dancing and about getting the chance to bond with these guys and give a great show," said Vasquez Rosado. "I hope that my friends will be able to laugh about this for the rest of their lives.”

Juan Lones, CSOM '20, mentioned the legacy of Strip Mod and how he feels it is his duty to fulfill such a legacy.

“At the end of the day it’s like a tradition, so it’s most important that we do it for other people. So I’m really excited to have friends there,” Lones said. “I’m also really excited to perform with these people.”

Nick Valiton, MCAS ‘20, of 27B mentioned the light effects and production that are going into this year’s Strip Mod.

“We have some really cool surprises in mind,” Valiton said. “We’ve been trying to think of ways to make this year’s Strip Mod one that people will reference years from now.”

Garrett Reynolds, MCAS ‘20—also of 27B—talked about how Strip Mod has been a dream of his for a while.

“We’ve been joking about this mod for a while, so when we got the opportunity to live there, we went for it,” Reynolds said.  “It’ll probably bite us back later in our careers, but you can’t take everything too seriously.”

Riley added how the group is sacrificing a little ridicule for the eternal glory of the Strip Mod performance.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if they stripped so much off, their job offers got revoked,” Riley said facetiously.

Jack Thompson, MCAS ‘20, can hardly wait for the performance.

“Thanksgiving couldn’t have come at a less convenient time,” Thompson said, remarking on how late Thanksgiving fell this year. “I think UGBC should start a petition to change Thanksgiving, but I’m excited for the show!”

Fans unwilling to wait for the actual performance can check out the Strip Mod’s promotional video, which is themed from The Office. 

“It’s a yeet or be yeeted world, and Strip Mod 2019 definitely will yeet. With such a formidable and differentiated mod of gods, success is inevitable,” Conlan said.

This mod of gods will surely wrap up (or more like unwrap) the semester before study days on a high note with a performance that’s sure to impress. 

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