Frankie Mancini / Gavel Media

Spotify Unwrapped

With the insane popularity of Spotify, Apple Music, and even SoundCloud, people are becoming more and more enthralled with music. With these different mediums, nearly any song is available to listen to and easy to access. This allows for more frequent listening and the exploration of more genres than you would be exposed to by simply listening to your car or house radio.

Because of this growing obsession with music around the world, Spotify released Spotify Wrapped back in 2016. This feature is essentially your music year in review; it tells you your most listened-to songs and artists of the entire year, as well as the number of minutes you have spent listening. Further, it creates a playlist for you with your top songs of the year. This year, it went through your top artists of each season, your top genres, and the countries of origin of the artists you have listened to. Because 2019 is the end of the decade, Spotify also presented your top artists and songs of the entire decade.

The concept of reviewing your music of the year doesn’t seem that crazy. Don’t people know what they have listened to, and why do they care who they have listened to the most? But, shockingly, this simple feature has become a huge deal. People go crazy on the day that Spotify Wrapped is released, asking friends who their top artists are and sharing theirs as well. This year in particular, you couldn’t watch two Instagram stories without seeing someone’s Spotify Wrapped.

Why is everyone so obsessed with it? It is really interesting to see who you have listened to most in the year and what your top genres are. Because music is so fluid, a lot of the time it is hard to fit a song into a single genre. To see that your top genre is something totally unexpected can show you that you really like music that contains elements of that genre and allows you to explore it further.

Moreover, while it seems like it wouldn’t be anything special, having a compilation of all of the songs that you have loved throughout the year is a really nice concept. It is quite literally your perfect playlist. When you listen, you love every song. It might also remind you of some songs that you had forgotten about, allowing you to rediscover them.

The obsession with sharing Spotify Wrapped also says a lot about society today. Music is a form of art, and spreading the music we love shows the great extent to which we value music. We take pride in the music we listen to, and we want to share it with the world. Even beyond this, the music you love can connect us with others who also have a passion for the same genres and artists. In this way, Spotify Wrapped is a great way to celebrate the art and expression of music and to bring people together.

If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out your Spotify Wrapped. What better to listen to than your favorite songs as we near the best time of the year and the end of the decade.