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BC Women's Summit Will Feature Brittany Packnett as Keynote Speaker

Activist, educator, and writer Brittany Packnett will be the keynote speaker at the 2020 Women's Summit, which takes place this Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Organized by the Women's Center, the summit aims "to empower all attendees by connecting them with a community of fellow classmates, speakers, and guests, and creating a space in which to share meaningful conversations and game-changing ideas," according to itswebsite.

The event's planning team, which consists of undergraduate students, a graduate advisor and Women's Center Director Katie Dalton, have spent months organizing the day's schedule and securing the attendance of more than a dozen speakers, including faculty, staff, alumni, and other guests.

"This year in particular, we wanted to draw on the themes of self love, self worth, and self care—all things that can get lost in translation in our day to day lives," said Women's Center staff member and Co-Director of Speakers Caitlyn Spuckes, LSEHD '22, in an email to The Gavel. "We hope that everyone who joins us on the day of the summit leaves feeling empowered and revitalized."

Brittany Packnett, whose 2019 TED Talk on confidence was viewed by millions, is the summit's opening speaker. She is active on social media (@MsPackyetti) and centers her advocacy at the intersection of culture and justice.

"[Packnett] is one of the fiercest activists of our time, rooting her work in community organizing, social impact, and empowering women and girls— particularly women and girls of color," said Spuckes. "I am so excited to take in all that she has to offer, and hope to draw inspiration from the social change and intersectional activism that lies at the core of her work."

After the keynote address, students will have the opportunity to attend two workshops hosted by faculty and special guests on topics including self-care, resiliency, goal-setting, the social model of disability, and strategies to respond to conflict or resistance. In the afternoon, students will also have a choice between attending one of two main stage conversations.

In the first mainstage conversation, "No Straight Shot to Success," speakers Nicole DeBois Greene, Shannon Reidy-Nichols, Mitra Shavarini, and Katie Dalton will discuss unconventional paths to success in their careers. The second option, "Justice at Work" by Marina Pestrana Ríos, will explore her journey of incorporating social justice and ethics into her career.

"Our keynote and mainstage conversations explore ideas of confidence, keeping justice at the core of our work, and navigating different (and difficult!) paths to success," said Spuckes. "There is no shortage of excitement for anyone, and I think that students will be excited to leave the summit feeling empowered and ready for action."

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