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The Gavel Endorses Gehman and Escobar For UGBC President and Executive Vice President

The Gavel editorial board endorses John Gehman, MCAS ‘21, and Leonardo Escobar, MCAS ‘22, for UGBC President and Executive Vice President for the 2020-2021 school year.

After speaking with all four teams, and following the final debate on Sunday evening, The Gavel editorial board found that Gehman and Escobar had the most meaningful and comprehensive vision for making Boston College a more inclusive, accommodating campus for all students.

Their platform included concrete policy proposals including a LGBTQ+ resource center on campus, addressing BC’s mental health crisis, and increased AHANA+ outreach. To Gehman, “UGBC is a platform for intersectional advocacy.” The three core values of their campaign are universality, intersectionality, and boldness. 

The pair also has bona fide experience passing UGBC legislation in the senate prior to their candidacy. Gehman mentioned a resolution he fought for which would denounce the Political Science department for taking funding from the Charles Koch Foundation. Escobar touched on an initiative he worked on to expand and improve the Eagle Escort program. 

They also will strive to address problems within UGBC itself, since the organization has often been hampered by internal conflict. Gehman and Escobar acknowledged these challenges and offered potential constitutional reforms, including the creation of ad hoc committees that would help establish “inter-UGBC connections” and allow the senate to more effectively implement legislation.

Gehman and Escobar were the only candidate pair to bring up working alongside the Graduate Student Union during their interview with The Gavel

Out of all four candidate pairs, Gehman and Escobar have the most exhaustive, progressive, and realistic vision for what Boston College can and should be. As president, Gehman would bring a unique perspective to UGBC—his approach combines his spirituality with his commitment to social justice—and will hold BC up to its core values, namely cura personalis,care of the whole person. In doing so, he wants to ensure BC feels like, for every student, “a University over a Church.”

The other three candidate pairs — Czar Sepe, MCAS ‘21, and Jack Bracher, MCAS ‘22; Dennis Wieboldt, MCAS ‘23, and Lorenzo Leo, MCAS ‘23; and Christian Guma, CSOM ‘21, and Kevork Atinizian, CSOM ‘22, all shared strong visions for improving the campus community at BC during their interviews with The Gavel. However, none shared a platform as intersectional or as progressive as Gehman and Escobar.

Voting for UGBC President and Executive Vice President will take place Tuesday, February 11th from 12:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. on OrgSync through the BC Portal.

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