Kate McCabe / Gavel Media

Breaking: Christian Guma and Kevork Atinizian Elected UGBC President and Exec. Vice President

Christian Guma, CSOM '21, and Kevork Atinizian, CSOM '22, were elected UGBC President and Executive Vice President for the 2020-2021 school year, announced the UGBC Elections Committee earlier tonight.

Guma and Atinizian led the field with a total of 850 votes. Czar Sepe, MCAS '21, and Jack Bracher, MCAS '22, came second with a total of 832. John Gehman, MCAS '21, and Leo Escobar, MCAS '22 totaled 746 votes, while Dennis Wieboldt, MCAS '23, and Lorenzo Leo, MCAS '23, received 365 votes.

However, the final vote total was heavily influenced by sanctions placed by the UGBC Elections Committee. All four tickets were sanctioned in the form of vote deductions as a result of "unauthorized signage, text messaging, and smear campaigning," according to the committee.

The effects of the sanctions impacted Sepe and Bracher most heavily. They would have secured the victory with 897 raw votes—compared to Guma and Atinizian’s raw total of 875—were it not for their 65 vote deduction, 40 of which leveled due to accusations of smear campaigning.

Sepe and Bracher were deducted a total of 65 votes, while Gehman and Escobar had 80 votes taken away. The Guma-Atinizian ticket and the Wieboldt-Leo ticket each had 25 votes deducted.

In total, nearly 7% of the vote was not counted.

“All sanctions were voted on prior to the Elections Committee's knowledge of the results of the election,” the Elections Committee clarified in an email to The Gavel.