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5-Hour Itinerary: Spots to Spend Valentine's Weekend

Although Valentine’s Day is often seen as a “Hallmark” holiday, hopeless romantics all over the country wait for this holiday like children on Christmas morning. Whether celebrating the love shared between partners, family, or friends, Valentine’s Day represents an excuse to come together for quality time. Boston is an amazing city to celebrate this weekend, with a wide variety of activities for everyone. 

1. Stephanie’s on Newbury + Newbury Street

If you’re looking for arguably the best brunch in town, Stephanie’s is the place to go. With a prime location on Newbury Street, Stephanie’s offers a wide range of delicious options. The best part? You can go shopping afterward! Take your loved one on a scrumptious brunch journey and finish the day with some high-end shopping on one of the best streets in Boston. Spending a brisk February morning here would not make for a wasted day.

2. The Clayroom

An option closer to BC, The Clayroom is a romantic experience with a twist! Located in the heart of Brookline, The Clayroom allows a hands-on experience in which one can choose an item of pottery to decorate or create on a potter’s wheel. It’s easy to spend three or four hours here, chatting and painting over a shared bottle of wine. After completion, the pottery goes into a kiln and is available for pick-up the following week. They offer a wide variety of dishes, from mugs to dog bowls. The Clayroom doesn’t require artistic ability, just an open mind! 

3. Harvard Square

Harvard Square is a romantic and aesthetically-pleasing destination for Valentine's weekend activities. Located in Cambridge, Harvard Square has an assortment of opportunities for entertainment. A classic option would be to head to Border Cafe for a Mexican-themed meal paired with their famous margaritas! Border Cafe has a fun atmosphere with affordable prices. As for dessert, Milk Bar––best-known for its signature “cereal milk” ice cream and cookies––is found nearby. Harvard Square is ideal for couples who haven’t made plans yet and can’t decide what to do––the possibilities here are endless!

4. Frog Pond

Frog Pond is a quintessential Boston spot, especially in the wintertime. At this time of year, the water is frozen into a rink, offering the chance to ice skate and sip hot chocolate and with your loved one. Groups could make plans in the city, then take a stroll around the Common and end at Frog Pond. Skates are available for adults to rent at $12 per pair, and the ice remains open until ten o’clock on Fridays and Saturdays, and nine o’clock on Sundays. This location does tend to be busy, so be sure to plan accordingly.

5. The North End

Would it even be Valentine’s weekend if you didn’t consider a trip to the North End? For the authentic tastes of Italy, the North End has options abounding. Take your tastebuds on a trip with dinner at Saraceno's. Or, for upscale, modern Mediterranean-Italian Prezza, or Limoncello are some of your best options. After a luxurious dinner, head to Mike’s Pastries for a classic Italian cannoli. As a bonus, the walk to Mike’s has a built-in history lesson––it requires passing Paul Revere’s historical residence. This plan is perfect for a couple looking for a more traditional Valentine-themed outing.

Falling into old patterns is easy around Valentine's Day, but Boston is a vibrant city with diverse locations––and experiences––to offer. Taking a chance on somewhere new just might lead you to your next tried-and-true ritual.

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