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A Conversation with Chris Shaw

For former Boston College Birdball player Chris Shaw, the BC phrase “once an Eagle, always an Eagle” rings true. The Heights will always be home to him, no matter how far he continues to go in his major league career. 

Shaw is currently a member of the San Francisco Giants organization, playing both left field and first base. He was drafted in the first round of the 2015 MLB Draft, but didn’t make his debut until 2018 against the New York Mets. 

The Gavel had the privilege of interviewing Shaw about how he got started playing baseball, his favorite memories in Chestnut Hill, his transition from the Minor Leagues up to the Major League, and his view on how the current COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the world of baseball. 

Shaw’s dream of playing professional baseball first began as soon as he signed up to play t-ball; eventually, his dream turned into an attainable goal during his high school career. Shaw’s talents on the baseball diamond helped him make the varsity team as a freshman and earn All-Star recognition that same year. 

In addition to breaking records and receiving honors throughout his high school career, Shaw credits his time at BC as one that constantly challenged him to improve himself and his skills on the field. 

“Boston College allowed me to grow and mature in an environment that demanded the absolute best from me at all times,” said Shaw. “From the first day I set foot on campus, it felt like home to me and to this day that feeling has not faded. I am where I am today because of BC.” 

Throughout his three seasons playing at the old Shea Field at BC, Shaw made numerous memories, however, his last at-bat remains his favorite to date. Shaw described his last time stepping into the box at Shea as one where he had a “life flash before your eyes” moment.

“All of the friends, coaches, professors, walk-off victories, tailgates, all passed through my head in that 15-second walk.”

As he made his way from the on-deck circle to the plate, Shaw realized that the last time wearing the maroon and gold was also going to be the very last thing that separated him from his childhood dream.

Shaw’s competitive nature and “win/lose” mentality towards life has driven him to do his best in every situation. During his time playing for Minor League teams in Richmond and Sacramento in 2017, he had the exact same goal every day: always find a way to win. 

By maintaining this view throughout the season, Shaw said this allowed him, “to consistently have fun,” every day by doing what he loves.

No matter the performance he has, good or bad, Shaw emphasized that the best approach, “is to never get too high or too low and to remain as even-keeled as possible.” He maintains this practice by having a consistent and dependable routine regarding things such as relaxing in the clubhouse or working out prior to batting practice.

However, we have all learned from the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 that our lives can change at a moment’s notice. When asked how his day-to-day life has been affected by the virus, Shaw replied that he has been passing time by sticking to his training program or rollerblading when he wants to try something different. 

Shaw is also making sure to maintain his positive view on life while he and his teammates, “wait for news from the MLB about when it’s time to suit back up.” Until that day comes, Shaw, like many of us, is making sure to be precautious by following the guidelines passed down by the CDC.

The MLB season is currently on hold until further notice. It was previously scheduled to begin on March 26th. This is the first time an MLB season has been on hold since 2001.

The Gavel wishes Chris Shaw the best in his time on and off the field and looks forward to seeing him reach every goal he has set for himself in his professional career.

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