Jesse Mermell: A Fighter For Us In Congress

Several months ago, I organized and co-moderated a debate for The Gavel with the candidates running for Congress in the Massachusetts fourth congressional district. Going in, I really didn’t know who to support. There were so many qualified progressives who brought a lot to the table. But, with such a great field, it means the voters of MA-4 get to be picky. They don’t just get to elect a good representative — instead, they have the opportunity to elect a great one. Voters can pick someone who will fight for them; who they can not only depend on to vote the right way on the issues that matter most, but who will lead on those issues as well. As the debate went on, it became abundantly clear that that candidate is Jesse Mermell.

While listening to all of the candidates, I was increasingly impressed by Jesse’s passion, knowledge, and clear vision for how to make a better future a reality. She talked about her leadership from a young age - when as a Boston College undergrad she ran for office to fight on behalf of students and her community. Jesse told us about her advocacy as a senior leader at Planned Parenthood and as an adviser for Governor Deval Patrick. She also reminded us about people like Ayanna Pressley and the Massachusetts Teachers Association who endorsed her, recognizing that she’s the right person to lead in this pivotal moment in American history.

It wasn’t until later that night though, scrolling through the policy page on when I fully realized that she is the best candidate to represent us in Congress. From reforming our broken transportation system to fighting for racial and economic equity, Jesse has clear plans to make structural changes happen, starting from day one. Part of that stems from her experience—Jesse has already successfully advocated for paid family leave, a livable wage, and equal pay at the state level; I’m confident she has the know-how necessary to make it happen federally as well. 

I’m excited to support Jesse’s campaign because I know that once she gets to congress she’ll hit the ground running to support us. The recent endorsements of Jesse by Dave Cavell, the candidate who I felt had performed “second-best” in the debate, as well Attorney General Maura Healey, have only reinforced that support. In the morning she’ll be live-tweeting congressional hearings, by afternoon she’ll be crafting legislation to strengthen the middle class, and the same evening she’ll be leading a protest and spending time with her constituents. We don’t have time to waste—and in a district with such impressive candidates, there’s no reason to settle. So, I hope that on September 1st we elect the best person for the job. That person is Jesse Mermell.