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The Cubby: Giving “Shop Local” Another Meaning at BC

As the fall semester comes to a close, BC students will return to their home states. They will trade Google Drive for some well-deserved Netflix. They will swap late-night coffees that fueled them through ten-page papers for cozy cups of hot chocolate. These will be a couple weeks of sweet bliss. 

Nothing snaps students back to the reality of a new semester like notifications saying that someone posted in their grade’s Facebook group. This could be a number of announcements: a promotion for an organization, a student asking for core class suggestions, a plea for a much-needed parking spot, etc. Without a doubt, there are always posts from students trying to sell their used textbooks. While these may gain some attention, they are often lost in the group. Thankfully, there is a solution to all of this…The Cubby. Think Facebook Marketplace, Boston College edition. 

The Cubby started last year at Colby College after student Josh Kim realized that overpriced textbooks do not make for cute additions to the already demanding cost of college. The Cubby was born as a community marketplace for students to buy and sell essential college items at reasonable prices. 

At the end of its first semester, The Cubby had approximately half of Colby’s student body using the website. The next big step was to expand; The Cubby is currently present at University of Maine, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and Northeastern University. This fall semester, Boston College became a Cubby Campus. 

In order to bring the platform to the Heights, Kim reached out to a few BC students and formed a Cubby task force. Jack Manoog, CSOM ‘22, has been on the team since last summer. While the idea of selling items to other college students in Boston has been brought up, The Cubby has elected to maintain a distinct marketplace for each of its campuses for the time being. Manoog reflected on how the safety of students, especially in a pandemic, is more important than expansion right now. 

“To keep a sense of safety on campus, we wanted to make sure that the only people you could interact with are BC students. To sign up, you need to have a confirmed BC email. You’ll always know that the people you’re interacting with are other BC students,” Manoog explained.

The most commonly sold items at BC have been textbooks and furniture, but it does not stop there. Students can also sell room decor, clothes, jewelry, and electronics. The site recently launched its Student Made page, which has apparel and prints that have been created by BC students. 

BC’s team for The Cubby plans to cater the platform to the items that gain most traction next semester. They are also planning on adding profile sites so students can share information about their interests as well as what they sell. 

“In the future, the goal is to be more community-oriented and a site where students will go as their first instinct if they’re buying textbooks, prints, or a shirt with a cool design,” Manoog said. 

Winter break is approaching, which means the optimal time to relax is right around the corner. Put on some comfy socks and enjoy a good read. When spring semester rolls around, dust off those textbooks from past courses, gather any items that could benefit from second-hand love, and check out The Cubby.

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