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Katherine McCabe / Gavel Media

Get Marjorie Taylor Greene Out of Congress

Throughout the past few weeks, Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) has dominated the news coverage. Recently elected in November, she has certainly made herself known through her egregious conspiracies and doubt towards the 2020 election (that she, herself, was on the ballot for). What’s noticeable is the lack of outrage from Republicans, however. We have seen a certain pattern from the party over the past four years. But why is this silence so incredibly frustrating? 

Let’s take a look at just *some* of the reasons why she is rightfully controversial. Congresswoman Greene liked comments that suggested murdering Nancy Pelosi and FBI agents. In particular, she liked a comment that stated “A bullet to the head would be quicker” to remove Nancy Pelosi. On top of this, she immersed herself in conspiracies that suggest the Clintons sexually trafficked and assassinated people. She has liked comments that suggest the FBI is somehow part of the “deep state” against Trump. She has questioned whether a plane actually flew into the Pentagon on 9/11. She even agreed that the 2018 Parkland school shooting was a “false flag”. She has dubbed that the 2018 midterm election was an “Islamic Invasion of our government” when two Muslim women were elected to congress. She claimed the wildfires in California were started by a space laser controlled by Jewish people. Unsurprisingly, she has been most known as a fervent supporter of QAnon.

Remember, this is a sitting Republican Congresswoman. 

So I have to ask, where is the Republican outrage? When she finally caught the eye of the media, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s original response to this was that he would “have a conversation with her.” That was the response. Greene’s comments weren’t decades ago, either, they were fairly recent. This is not normal. Why is she still in Congress? Why should she be given any platform to spew dangerous conspiracy theories that have no truth in them? Why is she allowed to take any part in our legislative body?

While some action has been taken, it has not been enough. On February 4th, the House of Representatives voted to remove Greene from her committees. One would think this would be a no-brainer, a bipartisan agreement, but how many Republican representatives sided with Democrats?


Only eleven Republicans had the minimum decency to call out a conspiracy theorist. And in fact, House Minority Leader McCarthy’s outrage was not because of Greene’s comments; rather, he was frustrated at Democrats for “raising the temperature.” This is another instance of the Right being afraid to call out one of their own, and it is an extremely dangerous precedent.

What does this say about the Republican Party? Republicans should not allow someone as egregious as this to represent their party in Congress. This is just another concrete example of how the Republican party is losing its values. While there is a clear divide within the party, as a whole, there is a deafening silence from them on Congresswoman Greene.

It is unfathomable that someone with as grotesque a character as Marjorie Taylor Greene can represent the United States. There is no room for a QAnon supporter in a government body whatsoever. How can we unite and take a party seriously when they will not condemn a literal QAnon conspiracy theorist?

The issue is that this rhetoric continues to be normalized, as Republicans stray from calling out their own. We saw this throughout the past four years, and we continue to see this after Donald Trump. This is not normal. This cannot become the new normal. No conspiracy theories belong in the hallowed chamber of the U.S Congress. An mere apology or removal from committees is not enough. Our elected officials must do the right thing and expel her from Congress.