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The Gavel Groove: Our Favorite Underground Tunes

Since the pandemic, all artists have lost the revenue that they earn from touring and merchandise. Artists with small to medium-sized followings have especially suffered. So we in the culture section are here to give our favorite underground artists some love! From BC graduates to midwestern bands, enjoy our selection of songs by small artists. 

Gay Bar by Rosie Tucker

What’s the Deal With David? by Oh Pep!

Cut Your Bangs by Girlpool

You by Zophia Dadlez

Dallas by Kid Sistr

Shake Your Lonely by Twin Peaks

Grass Stains by Laura Elliott

Brian Wilson Is My Dad by Breakup Shoes

Boys From Town by Alaska Reid

Take It Away by Pentire

I Just Think That You’re Cute by Scarlet Drive

Killing Eve by Benét

Life is a Bore by Bird and Byron

Get Yourself to Sleep by Oscar Welsh

Karma by Tipling Rock

Godspeed by Paravi Das

Kick It to Me by Sammy Rae & Friends

Water Glass by Cannon*

grayscale by jake abrams*

Stupidfreak by Juice 

Summer Snow by Spirit of the Bear

Birds by Electrelane

Roommate by Boy Called Cute

Don’t Swerve by Annie DiRusso

Harvard by Diet Cig

Apricots by MAY-A

Soul No. 5 by Caroline Rose

Carolina by Young Mister

What Am I by Jordan Mackampa

Melrose Place by Cayucas

Money On It by Together Pangea

Now That I Know by Space Invadas

*these artists are BC grads!

Listen to this playlist below:

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