Madison Polkowitz / Gavel Media

Breaking: Jack Bracher and Gianna Russi Elected UGBC President and VP

Jack Bracher and Gianna Russi have been elected as the UGBC president and vice president for the 2021-2022 academic year.

The pair won a tightly contested election, with exactly 303 votes separating them from runners-up Urwa Hameed and Sarah Henao.

Bracher and Russi’s campaign placed a strong emphasis on advocating for the needs of the student body. Their “For Eagles, With Eagles” policies include prioritizing divestment and environmental accountability, emphasizing the needs of AHANA+ students, pushing for the creation of an LGBTQ+ space on campus, and working with the Boston College administration to address systemic biases and increasing transparency about bias-motivated incidents on campus. They also are looking to push for improving conditions of students in quarantine for COVID-19, in addition to being the campaign looking to hold the BC administration and individual students responsible for rises in cases.

In addition to the support of the student body, Bracher and Russi received endorsements from both The Gavel and The Heights, with both newspapers emphasizing their sincerity and commitment to the BC community. They also stressed the importance of Bracher and Russi’s willingness to collaborate with other on-campus organizations to host events and work to improve the quality of life on campus.

"Everyone on the campaign is really fired up with the results tonight," said Bracher and Gianna's Climate Policy Director Teddy Bobroske in a statement to The Gavel. "We’re so happy that our message resonated with the student body and everyone can’t wait to get to work turning that vision into reality. I’m personally most excited about getting to work on our divestment campaign and that work starts tomorrow for us. We have a mandate from the student body to deliver on our promises and Jack and Gianna have made it clear that we aren’t going to waste a day making those promises into reality.”

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