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Arthur Christory / Gavel Media

What it Means to Work Out During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Fall semester of 2020 was tough. Even now, COVID-19 fills every part of our life, leaving us with no personal space. Masks were seen everywhere outside the dorms, friends were nowhere present inside the dorms, and the intense climate that quarantining created was felt throughout the Boston College community. There is a saying: “a healthy mind in a healthy body,” and with this in mind, I went to take a look at how people were coping with this new, anxiety-inducing environment that we are living in. I quickly found that many ran to the gym for a chance to work out, relax, and take a breather from these difficult times. The gym was a place to get away from this constant reminder that life was anything but normal. So, I decided to document what it meant to be healthy during these times, and how we can continue to stay fit during a worldwide pandemic. 


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