Alex Krowiak / Gavel Media

Boston College to Allow Guests for Commencement

Boston College received permission from the city of Boston to host graduation in Alumni stadium at 25% capacity. This reverses the previous decision to allow an in-person graduation with no guests.

The decision allowing the 12% capacity, or 5,000-person, limit to be in effect for Commencement on May 24 was initially protested by a petition—created by parent Christine Swanson and signed by over 3,000 supporters.

The city of Boston released a reopening plan that would allow “indoor and outdoor stadiums, arenas and ballparks to increase capacity to 25 percent” effective May 10. This increased capacity would allow Alumni Stadium to host 11,00 people for Commencement.

Following the reopening plan, Boston College submitted a plan to the city in order to capitalize on the increased capacity limits.

Announced in an email from University administration this past Thursday, undergraduates will now be allowed two guests for graduation and graduate students are allowed one.

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