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Patrick Carpenter / Gavel Media

Statement of Solidarity with Palestine

May 15 is Nakba Day, observed in remembrance of the forced displacement and ethnic cleansing of over 700,000 Palestinians from their ancestral lands over the course of 1947-48. Since the so-called Zionist "War of Independence,” the descendants of those 700,000 remain as refugees and as sojourners away from Palestine. And those who stayed behind? They continue to live under an apartheid regime that pursues their genocide.

The Zionist state's leaders hardly put up any pretense of supporting Palestinians’ human rights, contributing to the racist rhetoric that inspires violence and hate. Recently, in the holy month of Ramadan, fascist Zionist crowds roamed through Jerusalem, shouting “Death to Arabs!” As flames rose above Al-Aqsa mosque, they could be heard singing “Yemach shemo,” or “May their names be erased”—one of the strongest curses in Judaism — in reference to their Palestinian neighbors. As we speak, Israeli settlers are forcibly evicting residents from their ancestral homes while the IDF launches airstrikes against civilians, killing numerous children. As the Green Line slowly disappears from our maps, we’re reminded of the Zionist state’s ever firmer military control over the West Bank—an imperialist violation of international law. International diplomacy has failed Palestinians time and time again, as it is ridden with political and economic interests that only further their oppression.

For these reasons, we at The Gavel stand unequivocally with the Palestinians in their fight against settler-colonialism, genocide, and apartheid. We recognize that an oppressed people must do whatever it takes to be free and that it is not the place of members of an oppressor nation — whether the Zionist state or the US — to lecture the oppressed on their struggle for emancipation. We have no solidarity for the IDF, an army that has tried and imprisoned 500-700 Palestinian minors annually, tortured countless Palestinian civilians, and enforced and perpetuated the theft of Palestinian land, both with and without the Green Line. We have no solidarity for a state in which Palestinians are systematically and legally denied from purchasing over 90% of the land. We have no solidarity for a nation whose working class has betrayed international labor solidarity in exchange for gross national privileges in jobs, housing, and education, as paid for by the exploitation and oppression of Palestinians. In short, The Gavel has no solidarity for Zionism or its state, and we have full solidarity for the Palestinian nation. We call on Boston College to divest from Zionist-supportive companies and maintain that we will uphold our journalistic responsibility to promote the human rights of Palestinians. We wish for the fast return of the Palestinian diaspora to their ancestral homeland. From river to sea, we wish for a:

Free Palestine!

تحرير فلسطين


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