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Women's Soccer Wins Battle of Comm Ave

Boston College women’s soccer team won the Battle of Comm Ave over Boston University 3-1 Thursday night in Newton to remain undefeated on the season.

Samantha Agresti broke the tie with a goal in the 24th minute. The midfielder received a cross in the box, took a touch, and ripped a shot to the goalkeeper's right, scoring BC’s first goal of the game and her first goal of the season. 

Freshman Linda Boama followed suit in the 29th minute, receiving a long ball into space and taking on the BU goalkeeper one on one. She chipped the ball over freshman Celia Braun, who couldn’t get enough on the ball to keep it out of the net, to give the Eagles a 2-0 lead.

BU tallied their only goal in the 80th minute, when Margaret Berry skipped a ball low and into the left side netting, beating Wiebke Willebrandt.

Despite scoring a late goal, BU rarely threatened in the final minutes, shooting from beyond the box and allowing Willebrandt to manage the clock through repeated goal kicks.

The Terriers appeared rejuvenated in the second half and immediately applied pressure and registered a shot within the first minute of the half. Yet, BC Captain Jenna Bike scored first in the 49th minute. Bike shot a ball at the far post that looked wide, freezing BU goalkeeper Gretchen Bennet. Instead, the ball ricocheted off the post and in for the Eagle’s third goal.

Before getting on the scoreboard, BC applied pressure on the BU defense from the first whistle. In the fourth minute, there was a handball in the BU box. The referee blew his whistle and pointed to the spot, awarding Boston College a penalty.

Bike calmly stepped up to the spot, placing the ball. On the referee’s whistle, Bike stepped forward and sent the ball towards the lower-left corner. The BU keeper dove to her right, saving the penalty before making a second spectacular stop on the follow-up. 

BC continued to pressure the BU defense with dangerous chances, building momentum. Boama dazzled her defender with quick footwork, creating enough space to blast a shot off the crossbar. Two minutes later, freshman Ella Richards lost her defender and fired off a shot that bounced off the side post. 

Up by three, BC continued to apply pressure. In the 68th minute, Laura Gouvin threaded a ball through, looking for Sam Smith. The ball was hit too far ahead and the BU keeper misplayed it, allowing Smith a chance on the goal, but her shot went just wide.

The game was a dominant performance for the Eagles, demonstrating the variety of attackers present on the team and its deep bench, with substitutes like Gouvin and Emily Knous making key contributions.

 The Eagles stand at 3-0 to start the season. They will return to action at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday at home against UConn and will be broadcasted on the ACC network.

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