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Men's Soccer Falls to Yale 2-0

Boston College men’s soccer fell to Yale 2-0 at Reese Stadium on Tuesday. The Eagles failed to register a shot until the 59th minute and failed to have a dangerous strike until the 87th minute when Kristofer Konradsson curled on towards the top right.

Yale opened the scoring in the 36th minute. Yale defender Sigfus Arnason drew two BC players to him before threading a ball to an unmarked Paolo Carroll, who buried the ball in the lower right corner.

Kahveh Zahiroleslam would score the dagger in the 82nd minute. Carroll intercepted a weak pass from Eagles defender Victor Souza meant for Diego Ochoa and drew out Eagles keeper Christian Garner. Carroll slotted a pass to Zahiroleslam, who one-timed the ball into the back of the net.

It was a night where nothing went right for the Eagles.

BC was unable to get a shot off in the first half. They dominated possession but never mounted any significant attack. The midfield seemed disjointed, unable to connect passes through the middle and all the Eagles seemed to back off of passes, allowing Yale to get to the ball first.

Yale preferred a quick counterattack. They lofted the ball over the defense and forced the Eagles to give up five corners in the first half. Simply by finding and creating space, Yale peppered the defense, preventing the Eagles from getting organized and counter-attacking.

Despite registering a shot and seeming to regain some control over the game, the Eagles appeared tentative. For long stretches of the game, the Eagles appeared to have a crisis of confidence, figuratively and metaphorically leaning back over their shots.

It was none other than Michael Suski who would break through the Eagles slump and restart their fire. Not only did he register the team’s second shot of the night in the 87th minute, but he would also draw the instrumental foul that led to their best chance of the night.

Suski also took the ensuing corner kick, launching a ball to the far post that Stefan Sigurdarson headed down just in front of the goal line. Suski retrieved the rebound, beat his defender, and sent a second ball that Sigurdarson headed off the post. Ochoa’s shot was blocked by a Yale defender and the Eagles couldn’t get another shot off despite a bouncing rebound.

Nagged by injuries the whole season, the team had only four days to reconfigure the midfield with Amos Shapiro-Thompson being out. The team has three days to try and improve their chemistry before their next matchup.

Konradsson appeared to be wearing a captain’s armband, joining Garner and Ian Buehler for the team’s leadership. Both Garner and Buehler received yellow cards during the match.

The Eagles (3-3-1) return to ACC play on Friday, Sept. 24 away at No. 25 Louisville at 7:30 p.m.

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