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Highlighting Niche Clubs at Boston College

On Friday, September 3, the Margot Connell Recreation Center hosted the annual Student Involvement Fair. The Mac Courts were filled with eager Boston College students, fostering an exciting feeling in the air. With the entire room ubiquitously filled with student traffic jams, it resulted in many students not being able to go to visit all tables. While more well-known clubs like the Campus Activities Board, Student Admissions Board, and UGBC could be seen and heard by every attendee, less widely known student organizations didn’t receive the attention they deserved. The number of tables seemed infinite, making it impossible to explore all the amazing opportunities that are available. Fortunately, we at The Gavel have compiled a list of clubs that are worth reading more about:

Music Production Club

The first club that is being highlighted is the Music Production Club. If you have an interest or a passion in producing your own music of any genre, this student organization is perfect for you. The organization advertises weekly meetings with a syllabus of its own, from an introduction to music production to ultimately finishing a song. 

Check them out @musicproductionclubbc on Instagram! 

BC Full Swing

If you’re looking for a fun and physical activity to participate in with friends, take a look at BC Full Swing. This upbeat dance style is filled with lifts, spins, and flips that are for everyone. The club offers weekly swing lessons and emphasizes that no experience is necessary. 

Check them out @bcfullswing on Instagram!

Operation Smile Club

As Boston College fosters a spirit of “Men and Women for Others,” the community service presence is omnipresent. Operation Smile Club at Boston College is one of the 900 chapters that can be found internationally as a part of a greater organization. This club’s goal is to send doctors overseas to help with cleft surgeries; additionally, students can be selected to participate in these life-changing trips. 

Contact them at!

Prison Arts Outreach

A newly-founded club with a unique mission is Prison Arts Outreach. This student organization focuses on serving a women’s prison, which is particularly important given that women’s incarceration is currently at an all-time high. Students with no art experience can teach art workshops at the local prison while being able to connect with these women.

Check them out @prisonartsoutreachbc on Instagram!

Boston College Quiz Bowl

Do you know all the answers to Jeopardy? Do you know a ton of random facts? It’s time for you to look at the Boston College Quiz Bowl club! In this student organization, you can put your brain to the test against other Boston College community members and even against other college students.

Contact them at!

Student Martial Arts Club of Boston College

The Student Martial Arts Club of Boston College is welcome to everyone! Not only does the organization expose students to martial arts, but it also provides students with self-defense skills that could be useful in the future. For interested students, the club holds weekly classes filled with a variety of martial arts forms! 

Contact them at!

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